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Letters, Feb. 16

Who benefits?

The notion that a part-time valley resident, who surely did not add to the inflation of housing costs here, seeks to fix the local housing shortage by applying the lessons learned in the residential paradise of Los Angeles, is interesting to say the least.

It is also interesting that in the discussion of inflated local housing costs, no Realtor is discussing the contributing effect of pandemic/urban refugees seeking to escape metropolitan areas.

As we rebuild, let’s at least be honest about what’s happening. And let’s at least ask, who benefits?

Mary Tsui


Two pandemics

We are faced with two pandemics right now. One is the historic, deadly virus and the other is a political movement that threatens our democracy.

The coronavirus will continue to take lives until enough of us receive the vaccine. For the sake of all, get vaccinated and wear masks.

The political virus is “Trumpism.” Trump claimed he won the 2020 election in a landslide and that the election was stolen from him. Trump called his supporters, including domestic terrorists, to a wild party on

Jan. 6, 2021, to prevent the counting of electoral ballots that made Joe Biden the legitimate president.

His followers shouted out the lies he propagated and stormed the Capitol. We came very close to losing our democracy. Trump watched the camera for hours and did nothing.

His followers in Congress, the state capitols and the state parties continue to pledge allegiance to him and his lies rather than allegiance to the country and truth. Most registered Republicans are still infected with the falsehood that the election was stolen and believe Joe Biden is an illegitimate president.

Our democracy had a close call. Be a part of the cure and not the disease here on out.

Steve Haskell


Repudiate delusion

The election is settled. After a few lunatics unsuccessfully attempted an insurrection to reverse the democratic will of the people, most of us are ready to move on. However, before doing so, we must all repudiate the claims of QAnon conspirators that reject reality in favor of delusion. The majority has decided that science, whether it’s medical, climate, or forest science, should be respected and form the basis of government policy. Simultaneously, ignorant QAnon hoaxes should be rejected.

First up, we should acknowledge what medical science informs us about the best COVID response. If this means wearing a mask, washing our hands and avoiding large gatherings until vaccinations have become abundant enough to generate herd immunity, we should do it. This does not abridge our freedom, but serves to protect our friends, families, co-workers and our children. We should reject QAnon ignorance.

Simultaneously, we should acknowledge what climate science tells us about our need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote carbon sequestration in our natural and working lands. Thanks to Republicans in Salem rejecting reality, valuable legislation was thwarted in 2020. Gov. Brown then charged state agencies to take action addressing climate change. Again, we must reject QAnon ignorance.

Alan Journet


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