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Letters, Feb. 24

Get over it

Thanks to a plethora of congressional Democrats and a handful of brave, courageous and truthful Republican U.S. senators, the true nature of the Jan. 6 near-catastrophe that occurred in our nation’s capitol has been clearly revealed to be what it was: a violent, extremist mob encouraged by the most pathologically narcissistic, dishonest president in U.S. history.

The mob’s flagrant disregard for those noble values underlying our always contentious political dialogue (life, liberty, equality and the pursuit of human happiness, with each grounded in reason and respect for the rule of law) is now painfully evident.

So, now, out of such devastating adversity, there emerges a golden opportunity: to once again assert those sacred values and to rededicate the governance of our country to the hard, honest, compassionate and collaborative work required to bridge the formidable ideologic chasm that confronts us. To each member of Congress I would say: “Its time to get over it — and to get on with the daunting task of healing, while ensuring that the events of Jan. 6 can never happen again!

John Forsyth


Writer misconstrues Jesus’ message

Robert Mengis, in his Valentine’s Day letter to the editor, proclaims “Jesus Christ was a socialist.” What a complete misconstruing of Jesus and his basic message!

Jesus and Karl Marx (the ultimate socialist) both advocated sharing the wealth. But the difference is, Jesus advocated voluntary sharing while Karl Marx advocated coercion — specifically, a government gun in the ribs.

Mengis says, “The whole American Experiment is a “liberal construct.” I agree. Unfortunately “liberal” these days has been contorted by too many “progressives” to mean majority vote supersedes our basic human rights. Majority vote does not cancel free speech or any other of our rights.

Both major parties are guilty of extremes, and to preserve a government of, by, and for the people behooves all of us to rein in those extremes. The price of liberty is indeed eternal vigilance — and effort!

Tom Clunie


We can be No. 1

I noticed Jackson County took home the prize of being No. 2 in the state for the most coronavirus cases on Feb. 17. Wow! Multnomah had the most at 55.

If we try hard enough and open up all of the schools, businesses, after-school activities, sport events and especially bars we can be No. 1 in no time. Heck, we might even consider eliminating masks, as one commissioner suggested a few months ago.

Keep up the good work, Jackson County commissioners, I know you want to be No. 1 in something, here is your chance. To prove you know what is best for us uniformed and uneducated citizens.

The followers of our great leaders on the road to No. 1.

The new confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 cases reported were in the following counties: Baker (5), Benton (7), Clackamas (17), Clatsop (2), Columbia (3), Coos (10), Crook (2), Deschutes (50), Douglas (40), Grant (1), Harney (9), Hood River (6), Jackson (52), Jefferson (10), Josephine (13), Klamath (5), Lake (6), Lane (39), Lincoln (2), Linn (10), Malheur (15), Marion (25), Morrow (2), Multnomah (55), Polk (14), Tillamook (5), Umatilla (11), Union (8), Wallowa (2), Wasco (1), Washington (27) and Yamhill (19).

Bill Philp


Let’s agree

Can we agree on something? We should always tell the truth, and not lie. Also, might does not make right.

Bill Dames


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