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Letters, Feb. 26

The quest for racial equality

William Carpenter’s letter published Feb. 18 complains about the endless vitriol in the paper and highlights columnist Leonard Pitts. Let me share some enlightenment.

Leonard Pitts writes a column from the perspective of being a Black man, and his column should serve as enlightenment to those of us who have never walked this earth as a person of color. Rather than view his column as one of cruel and bitter criticism, I suggest reading it top to bottom every day it appears. The injustices, inequalities and often fragile “hope” of something better for people of color are offered there for education, enlightenment and understanding.

I also recommend the book “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man.” Whether you are of a conservative or liberal mindset, racial inequality cannot be denied. We are never too old to learn.

Kellie C. Gustafson


Our newly installed president

President Dementia, post-installation, charged out of the gate with unparalleled arrogance and hatred for Americans, intending to terrorize all by inflicting as much damage as possible on Americans and our economy.

Using executive orders previously decried as “tools of dictators,” he threw 12,000 individuals, with $2 billion in wages, out of work, and killed female participation in amateur sports.

Naturally, oil rigs moved from New Mexico to Texas for more favorable drilling environments to avoid obstacles placed by the president to destroy our energy independence.

The marionette president, controlled by Obama-era puppeteers, wants to flood the country with millions of unvetted illegal aliens, further depressing the job market for lower-skilled Americans.

To encourage the influx of billions in drugs and more illegal, unvetted individuals, Biden wants the southern border wall eliminated.

The release of illegals awaiting deportation has begun.

Meanwhile, China, according to a recent DOD report, is on course to complete modernization and reach parity with the United States by 2035 and surpass us militarily by 2049, while Biden’s son, Hunter, enjoys favorable and lucrative relationships with the Chinese Communist Party apparatchiks in Beijing.

Will these assaults on our country continue?

Come on, man! We’re just getting started.

Dennis V. Sinclair


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