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Letters, Feb. 27

We are under judgment

When you see all the terrible things that are happening to our nation, do you wonder why? I can answer that question by telling you that the same things and worse happened to Israel when they turned their back on God. We are under judgment and have been since the twin towers were destroyed in 2001.

There is an old saying, “As it goes with the church, so goes the nation.” Most of the churches do not teach nor do they believe the truth of the Gospel. It breaks my heart to say this, but we are getting what we deserve. We have disobeyed God and tried to take him out of our lives and do it “our way.”

The only hope for America is a huge revival. Oh yes, there are still some “on fire” churches in our cities. Thank God for them.

Gordon DeVos


Major mistake

I just finished reading a letter to the editor in the Sunday Mail Tribune, written by Steve Armantrout of Phoenix.

It was a well-written letter, except for one major spelling error. Steve repeatedly used the incorrect spelling of one word throughout his entire letter. The correct spelling of that word is Democrat, not Republican, as he had written. Sorry, we all make mistakes.

Terry Smith

Central Point


No, Rush Limbaugh was not a voice of conservatism as your headline declared.

Rush Limbaugh was 40 years of vitriol, whining and sniveling, pure irrational destruction, using code words and innuendo to promulgate racism, sexism, and isolationism — oh, wait, is that what you mean by “conservatism?” He certainly was not Christian in action, if that is what you meant.

Proud graduate of Texas Boys State (i.e., the Good Ol’ Boy Club), he rose early and lasted long, creating the climate of hatred and envy, perpetuating ignorance and white supremacy in the Trump class today, too cowardly, inept and egotistical to be constructive and honest. More than any other human being, he has set back America by decades.

Conservatism in itself is a valid ideology, but do not contaminated it with a Limbaugh.

Myrl Bishop


Sliding into the abyss

This is the most succinct, relevant statement I have seen regarding the acquittal:

“Donald Trump lied about a lot of things, but the one thing he didn’t lie about is when he said he could get away with murder and not lose support.” appearing on the twitter account @jemelehill.

Trump impeachment lawyer Michael van der Veen frequently quibbled that the trial was not being conducted properly. Indeed this was the substance, in its entirety, proffered as Trump’s defense. The reality is that a Senate impeachment trial is not a court of law by any reasonable stretch of the imagination.

The House managers (not prosecutorial lawyers) produced a very good description of Trump’s role and culpability in fomenting the violent actions (insurrection) at the Capitol. With regard to Clinton’s “crime,” merely the appearance of impropriety was enough for some senators to say “guilty.” The outcome of the proceedings was a forgone conclusion, as Trump along with 43 senators are guilty of not really caring about supporting a civil society.

Perhaps the most disturbing fact is that some of the 43 senators who voted “not guilty” subsequently have said they (knew) know Trump (was) is “guilty”. Now we slide into the abyss.

Robert I. Price


Texas bailout

The Texas energy companies are the biggest donors to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. The Texas energy system was deliberately set up to avoid federal regulation. And now the federal government, i.e., the American taxpayer, is going to bail out Texas.

Why are American corporations allowed to buy their way out of their responsibilities with political donations? Why do the American people have pay for the immoral and criminal actions of companies?

Why are the American people the ones who always pay the price for the stupidity of other people?

Marti Hawes

Eagle Point

Support carbon pricing

The reports of the tragic events in Texas have shown the result of climate change making weather patterns unstable. What is the one nationwide approach to climate change action that would work the fastest and have the most effect?

The Citizens Climate Lobby investigated this and came up with: charge the emitters of carbon pollution (carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases) and return that money to the public, increasing the fee every year. The model was validated by an independent modeling firm, Regional Economic Models Inc. (REMI).

“Carbon pricing” has the endorsement of the Unitarian Universalist Association, the Friends Committee on National Legislation, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, state Rep. Pam Marsh, state Sen. Jeff Golden and the city of Ashland. It has bipartisan support, partly because it doesn’t grow government and doesn’t involve new regulations. I hope that U.S. Rep. Cliff Bentz will get familiar with any such bill and give it his support.

Ken Deveney


Rush was anything but ‘fun’

Marc Thiessen’s ode to Rush Limbaugh (Feb.21) is an unapologetic support of bullying and putdowns — although Thiessen tries to justify it.

He says Limbaugh “made conservatism fun,” and “feigned arrogance.” Limbaugh feigned nothing, and his crude insults were not “fun.” He called a law student a “slut” when she advocated for contraception, he pushed the false birtherism theory, told a Black caller to take the bone out of his nose, and mocked those dying of AIDS.

He legitimized and encouraged outspoken hatred of the “other.” If Limbaugh “connected with Americans who felt marginalized,” they sure weren’t minorities.

Then there’s Thiessen’s trope about the “intellectual elite” of the left, as if conservatism wasn’t championed by intellectuals William Buckley and George Will. Thiessen quoted Limbaugh saying he was “the intellectual engine of the conservative movement.” No, he was anti-intellectual, anti-science, anti-rational, pro-conspiracy, but, yes, that bent has in fact become the conservative party.

Thiessen says, as if it’s a good thing, Limbaugh “confirmed the validity” of what his listeners believed. That includes the Big Lie of the “stolen” 2020 election and all their worst instincts. He was the banner carrier for every ugly impulse of racists, xenophobes, homophobes, and sexists. Some fun.

Betsy Shanafelt


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