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Letters, Feb. 28

Vaccine delays

How can anyone say they are right on schedule with the vaccine administration? We had our appointment to get ours (80-plus) Feb. 18 and they abruptly canceled our appointments, saying they would let us know when we can reschedule.

We have heard nothing! Now they say they are right on schedule for 70-plus. How can they be on schedule if the phase before haven’t even gotten appointments for their first dose?

Someone’s a bit confused about what schedule means. And I am furious. I feel like elders are just not important in this state and especially here in Jackson County. We need and want our vaccine!

Sharon Deemar

Central Point

Almeda fire

Our family, friends and property were impacted by this tragic event. As we move forward with rebuilding, there have been some frustrations with the permit process.

City offices are closed due to COVID (in Talent), calls are not answered, and e-mails are not responded to. This is only beginning.

Permit fees are being charged in full again in both Talent and Phoenix. These fees have already been paid once when the original structures were built. In most cases, what insurance is awarding will not cover rebuilding costs. Lumber and labor prices continue to climb.

A discounted permit fee would be more fair while allowing for inspections costs, etc.

Katy Cowan


Stop killing coyotes

Thanks to Michael Finley for his article in support of HB 2728 (Sunday, Feb. 21), and to the editors of the Mail Tribune for printing it. It is past time for the indiscriminate killing of all forms of wildlife to be banned.

We once had several coyote packs that roamed our hillside outside of Eagle Point, and many times had several of them romping like puppies on our property. Not only was it a pleasure to watch them and to hear their howls in the night as they passed through, they also kept the rodent population under control.

Then a new neighbor moved in and killed as many of them as he could, just for sport. He has since moved away, but not before severely reducing the number of coyotes in our area. Now our property has been overrun with very destructive ground squirrels, moles, and wild turkeys.

People need to realize that every animal on this planet is important for the overall health of the entire ecosystem. I join Michael Finley in support of HB 2728. I hope others will, too.

Ken Hawes

Eagle Point

Correction: Jackson County Commissioner Rick Dyer said he supported mask wearing and other precautions suggested by the Jackson County Public Health that would slow the spread of COVID-19 in the area at the Nov. 10, 2020, board commissioners work session.

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