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Letters, March 3

Certificates of immunization

I have had two vaccinations and soon will have a certificate of immunization, as will an increasing number of other people.

I suggest that the Chamber of Commerce, city and county governments and the Republican and Democratic parties contact Gov. Brown and state officials to allow restaurants and other constrained business and activities to serve holders of immunization certificates collectively at the same time. This can assist state and local economies to revive.

A dollar spent has a multiplier effect. Japanese, Chinese, Mexican and Italian restaurants who are local and who do not have drive-though or easily accessible pick-up facilities would benefit. Certificate of immunization permissions serving as “passports” may entice the reticent to get vaccinated.

Malcolm MacNair


Get back to work

To the Oregon senators who walked out: This boycott just halts the business of government and does no good. Please do your job. We all have to do hard things sometimes, like compromise and consider others’ opinions. Deal with it, and get back to work. Thank you in advance.

Rebekah Wolf


Fortunate to live here

We are so fortunate here in Southern Oregon to have uniquely skilled and accomplished nonprofit organizations working for the future of healthy life on our beautiful planet. I hope many of you were able to participate in the Rogue Riverkeeper & Klamath-Siskiyou Wild Film Festival (virtual) on the evening of Feb. 26.

While it would be preferable to be able to be in person with these accomplished conservationists, still the film presentation was moving and celebratory and completely motivating. I learned so much from their short films about recently protected ancient redwoods, the rare ghost orchid’s moth in Florida, native American fire practices, a Navajo river guide, people of color celebrating mountain biking in Oregon’s beautiful backcountry, and Western farmers acknowledging how drought affects their livelihood and wanting their elected officials to deal with climate change. Even Olympic skiers from Steamboat Springs want their legislators to wake up to do more about climate change.

I wish all legislators would watch these short, creative, inspiring films and then follow through with meaningful commitment to reverse climate change. For all species. For all of us.

Bonnie Johnson


Reopen schools now

Teachers have worked hard to provide distance learning; however, children have paid an unspeakable price this school year.

My children are lucky to have a safe home, internet access and support from a non-working parent. But it’s difficult, even for them, and my heart breaks for families in situations far, far more difficult than ours. In addition to losing educational and social opportunities, kids have lost motivation, self-confidence, focus, curiosity, ambition and hope.

There is no risk-free way to return to the classroom, but life is not risk-free. Oregon must get all kids back to full-time, in-person learning. Other states have safely returned to full-time school while “following the science.”

We have an effective vaccine which all Oregon teachers can receive, even ahead of other at-risk populations. So why are schools still closed? Common-sense measures can reduce the spread of illness at school, including hand-washing, disinfecting and appropriate personal distancing. (WHO, AAP, and Harvard experts agree that three feet of separation is adequate in preventing COVID spread.) Students must be allowed back to class, full-time, without delay. They need to get back to school, work, friends, joy and meaningful living.

Cecily Spencer


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