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Letters, March 7

I love America

I’m a 93-year-old veteran of World War II. My father was a veteran of the First World War. My older brother was a flyer in World War II, shot down on his 18th mission and a German prisoner for 13 months. My younger brother was a veteran of the Korean War. None of us were drafted. We all volunteered.

We grew up in an America where it was common to be patriotic. In school we pledged allegiance every day. We loved singing our national anthem.

I love America. There’s nowhere else I’d rather live. I’m Jewish. Had my mother not migrated to America from Romania, I would have been murdered by the Nazis.

Maynard Telpner


Supporting River Democracy Act

Wooldridge Creek supports Sen. Ron Wyden for stepping up to protect a legacy of clean water and a strong recreational economy with the River Democracy Act of 2021.

We are very familiar with the wild rivers of Southwestern Oregon. Their importance cannot be overstated. Protected water sources are critical for vineyards and wine making. And they help drive the recreational industry in our region.

We are grateful for Sen. Wyden’s leadership in this endeavor to safeguard Oregon’s iconic rivers for our community today as well as the generations to follow.

Ted and Mary Warrick

Wooldridge Creek Vineyard & Winery

Mystery writers

I read with interest the article regarding human composting in the March 2 Tribune, page A3. It makes me wish I were a writer of mystery novels.

Visualize the location to place the remains of a loved one as being close to a 100-year-old redwood. After about three weeks, the loved one returns to visit the site and soon hears a soft voice. There is no movement of soil (yet), but excitement fills the air.

I feel a little tingle, but I’m not going to go any further, choosing to look forward to the upcoming novel by a real writer.

By the way, I love redwoods. Life is so great.

Nancy R. Fox

Central Point

Reconsider outdoor sports

I wrote to Gov. Kate Brown to ask that her office reconsider the restrictions on “Outdoor Recreation and Fitness.” For some reason, this seems to be one of the most restrictive categories in terms of occupancy, although it is outdoors and often in very large spaces.

For stadium sports such as football and soccer, the capacities are often several hundred, or even thousands. Instead of the 75 person Max in place currently, I believe she should reconsider at least the 25% rule for most other indoor businesses/venues. (many are 50%). There would be ample room to maintain the 6-foot distance, and of course with masks. This 25% should not include the participants, as they are on the field, far from the spectators, so should be counted separately. Even the “Street Fairs and Markets” category is at 50%. At a bare minimum I believe the families of the participants in high school and youth sports should be able to attend the events, as for some of us this will be the last year we will get to see them play. I believe science and common sense dictate this rational request to expand capacities at outdoor venues.

Bryan Hadley


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