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Letters, March 9

Vote with logic

I hope during the next few elections voters remember which side of the aisle has destroyed small businesses. Trampled individual freedoms. Encouraged riots, looting and lawlessness. Left our children depressed, lost and uneducated.

The liberal Democrats have failed at all levels in this state. From Dictator Brown’s Office to the Oregon Health Authority to the Department of Health to the Department of Education to The DMV to the Employment Department to Oregon OSHA (Kate’s Gestapo) to the Legislature. All failing Oregon.

I encourage the Republicans to walk out again. It’s the only option they have to save us from more blind insanity. Vote with logic and not with emotion. It’s better for Oregon.

Ryan W James


Excellent article

Congratulations for Friday’s excellent article “Vaccine bypasses some older adults.” Friday’s Washington Post has a similar article, “How To Master The Vaccine-Appointment Website: A Guide For Everyone.”

Robert Arago


Masks and dining out

I find the photo on the front page of the March 5 MT very disturbing. It pictures four women dining out. It is obvious that they haven’t begun to eat because there are only clean plates in front of them on the table. None of them is wearing a mask.

CDC officials say that “if restaurants do open, they should follow as many prevention rules as possible, like calling on customers to wear masks whenever they are not eating or drinking.” (AP coverage of a recent study published in the March 6 MT.)

This is precisely the kind of behavior that will catapult Jackson County right back into the “extreme risk” category. Even with the two-week “grace period” granted by the governor, restaurants will again be severely restricted, throwing the beleaguered restaurant owners and and employees back to unemployment.

Please, people, think! Wear those masks awhile longer. Follow the guidelines from the CDC. Let’s get through this thing. Let’s save lives.

Terry Stone


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