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Letters, March 11


I am a retired RN, so my license is not current in Oregon. Despite efforts to volunteer to give vaccinations, I have been informed that without a “current” license, I cannot help. With 40-plus years of clinical experience, most as an emergency/trauma RN, I (and I am sure many other retired RNs) are being passed over despite efforts to bring in military, dentists, podiatrists, vets and (in California) student nurses, etc., to bulk up the folk who can help.

Several days ago President Biden called for retired practitioners to step up. So — can Oregon allow us “retired folk” to help?

Diana Broussard

Shady Cove

Marsh is effective

Researching Oregon’s rent/eviction moratorium recently, I was able to speak with lobbyists in Salem for both tenants and landlords.

Both sides said that local Rep. Pam Marsh was an exceptionally hard worker who listened carefully to their concerns and did her best to assuage them in this crisis that really doesn’t give anyone good choices. It’s good to know that Marsh is effective and respected.

Janay Haas


Vaccine choices

Now that there are three COVID-19 vaccines available, it would be helpful if Asante’s My Chart website would list which ones they have in stock, and also provide a way for us to choose between them.

The pharmacies are listing them by manufacturer and are providing a choice, but they are not listed on Asante’s My Chart. Otherwise, we have to call the clinic to ask.

Kate Thomas


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