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Online letters

The real RINO

Donald Trump is the real RINO and lets hope he becomes extinct.

CPAC is not conservative but an aberration of what once was, fueled by right wing media. Those of us who have not yet abandoned the GOP out of protest need to support the legislators with integrity and character that have been taking positions of sanity in this conspiracy-fueled political environment in which we find ourselves. Too bad a third party is a quixotic effort. We need one, as most of the reasonable moderates have left the building.

Chris Adams


Go figure

House bill HR1 is a voting rights bill that Democrats say will help curb voter suppression. Republicans say it will interfere with states’ rights to run their own elections.

These same Republicans objected to the counting of the electoral votes on Jan. 6 because they weren’t happy with the way various states conducted their elections. Go figure!

David J. Ropel

Central Point

God’s love

A recent letter from Gordon DeVos laments the fact that we have “turned our backs on God.” DeVos and other Christian readers often write on this subject.

Personally, I don’t believe it’s true. God has many names and faces in this country, and just because they don’t fit the Christian image of God does not make them any less holy.

I believe it is God’s love that calls us to embrace our Muslim brothers and sisters and our LGBTQ family. There is so much love in this country that is looked down upon because it doesn’t fit the white Republican Christian mold. America is not a Christian nation and never was, and just because someone does not believe the way you believe does not make them any less godly.

There is much hate in Christianity! We are not turning our backs on God, we are turning our backs on bigotry, racism and homophobia. Yes, there are “on fire” churches out there. There are also “on fire” mosques, temples and other houses of worship. That is love of God, too, some just refuse to see it because it isn’t what THEY believe. Everyone has a right to their vision of God. That doesn’t mean that someone else’s is wrong.

Noni McCrillis


Funny stuff

Thanks to letter writer Terry Smith (Feb. 27) for reminding us of schoolyard axioms such as “I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you,” and “I know you are, but what am I?”

I laughed so hard I fell off my dinosaur.

L.J. Zinkand


Move along

Yes, nothing to see here. Jan. 6 is just another moment the self-righteous perpetrators are hoping we’ll forget. It’s the same old story plot; with time, more distractions can bury truth.

If you didn’t go to a parochial school you learned enough about the Salem witch-hunts in 1692 to know its short but unpleasant history.

We can and should uncover carefully avoided truths about the treatment of Native Americans by those professing Manifest Destiny.

We’ve all seen the tactics of the God-fearing KKK, our domestic terrorist group that inspired the Third Reich.

We’ve watched the Taliban and other armed sectarian elements intimidate and control the Middle East, now we have weaponized Proud Q-balls or whatever on our streets that pray for their dictator and the swimsuit edition of Mein Kampf.

Anti-abortion activists claim humane moral issues but they don’t show any strong resistance to the military bombing innocent children in trumped-up wars.

With all this we constantly hear ranting about religious freedom. Hiding behind that shield is no different than abusing freedom of speech to incite violence or the right to bear arms to threaten other citizens.

Steve Sutfin


Megan McArdle’s column

Might I suggest to Megan McArdle that a teacher’s union taking steps to insure the safety of their members, many of whom are older and at high risk, is not quite the same thing as a police union acting to ensure that their members aren’t prosecuted for murders like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and so many more?

Furthermore, rather than arguing that a teacher’s union has no right to protect its members, wouldn’t it be better if many more workers — janitors, grocery workers, delivery people — had strong unions to protect them from mega-companies like Amazon that — in the name of profit — refuse to create a safe workplace?

Steve Soar


More important things

In 2009 Tom Perriello said: “There are things more important that getting reelected.” He was a member of the House of Representatives who voted for the Affordable Care Act. He in fact was defeated in the next election.

We are once again faced with the issue of political differences standing in the way of moving forward with programs to serve the American public. Over 70% of Americans support Joe Biden’s proposed COVID relief package, yet members of the Senate seem to be unwilling to consider figuring out how to provide necessary help to solve this pandemic and related financial crisis.

What needs to happen to get us over this deep divide? What needs to happen to get Congress back to working together, putting differences aside to find solutions that serve the United States public?

What needs to happen to make compromise no longer an untenable position for our elected officials? What needs to happen to make sure people get enough factual information so they are no longer seduced by the “Big Lie” about the last election? Yes, there are things that are broken. Not talking about them makes sure they can’t be fixed.

Beverly Cone

Central Point

Nuclear energy

CO2 is generated by burning fossil fuels to create energy and which, if continued, will cause the earth to warm up beyond the limits of life.

CO2 has a lifetime of thousands of years and is always increasing; efforts to destroy or hide it underground seem unpromising. Solar and wind-generated energy are proposed as alternative sources, but they are intermittent and need enormous storage devices to smooth their output over daily, weekly or seasonal periods.

What is needed is another energy source that is safe and relatively inexpensive, produces no or few dangerous byproducts, doesn’t need storage and has a proven record of working. Nuclear energyis an obvious choice to be considered.

Worldwide, the existing fleet of 440 civilian nuclear reactors was copied from the first operating one, designed to fit into U.S. submarines, and after its success further advances in design were dropped. All of these advanced designs favored increased safety.

Some destroy existing radioactive waste and reduce its generation, and some generate very high temperature operation that can be used in various industrial processes.

Roger Warren


A new virus in Texas

A new and concerning virus has recently shown up in Texas. It appears to have emanated from their GOP-dominated state government.

This virus, while I don’t have the scientific name for it, should properly be called “moronavirus.” This applies to the current governor, Gregg Abbott, as well as the former governor, Rick Perry.

By golly, those “fiercely independent” folks didn’t want anything to do with federal energy regulation. They removed themselves from the national power grid, they ignored at least one previous cold snap that exposed their grid’s vulnerability, and last but not least, they set up a power-usage system that enabled power companies to charge some people well over $10,000 for trying to keep themselves from freezing. If that isn’t genius, I don’t know what is!

Let’s hope the voters of Texas can begin to cure this plague of “moronavirus”.

John M. Montgomery


Teach the children

Thomas Jefferson said, “The best defense of democracy is an informed electorate.” For our democracy to survive, we need to teach the children how to tell fact from fiction and credible sources from wacko websites. They need to know how the Founding Fathers intended our government to work and the Enlightenment principles that inspired them to form a liberal democracy.

Our electorate is so uninformed that most Republicans swallowed Trump’s stupid lies about a “stolen” election and supported his attempts to overturn it. That, in turn, set the stage for the horrific attack he and his cult launched against Congress.

Afterward, Republicans denied that Trump was responsible for his attempted coup, censured the few “traitors” among them who considered sedition an impeachable offense and are already plotting to re-elect him. This is your brain on Trump.

Hopefully our offspring will look back on this period of mass insanity with dismay. Alternatively, MAGA madness could leave them prey to totalitarian rabble-rousers and white supremacist storm troopers who assert power through lies, fear and violence.

Republicans would obviously be fine with that, but most Americans feel once was too much. For the children’s sake, let’s preserve our republic.

Michael Steely



Don’t you Trump-bashers think you have vented enough? Why not turn your hate to praising someone like the Eagle Point teens who helped repair Butte Creek Mill?

We have enough negativity in our lives. Find something positive to talk about.

Nancy Kline


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