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Online letters

Missed the point

In Kellie Gustafson’s letter chastising William Carpenter for his letter to the editor, she completely missed the point regarding Leonard Pitts. I have read enough of Pitts to regard him as, at the very least, a race baiter and probably a racist in the style of Al Sharpton, Cory Booker, Maxine Waters, Louie Farrakhan and the anti American founders of BLM.

I have worked with, and for, many Black men and women of color and unlike Kellie I can’t recall ever having an “uncomfortable conversation” with any of them; I do, however, recall having many substantive conversations and many a good laugh with them.

If Kellie wants others to read “uncomfortable conversations,” may I suggest she read or listen to Thomas Sowell, David Coggins, Ben Carson, Denzel Washington, Mae Jemison, Jason Whitlock, Candice Owens or Tim Scott. These and many, many more Black people are thriving because they earned our respect and busted their butts to succeed instead of following haters like Pitts.

Ken Cockrell


Most oppose border policy

In my opinion, the majority of voters in both political parties are strongly opposed to the Democratic leadership’s Southern border policy.

Thousands of noncitizens are claiming “amnesty” status to avoid the need to qualify for entry to our country under the citizenship laws.

Most are just folks looking to improve their lives without compliance with the law, but predators of all types are taking advantage of the new open border policy. Ironically, the process deprives that small percentage that deserve “amnesty” to come to America via the legal process, a process designed to protect those in real political danger.

Imagine the benefit if the billions spent on this back-door border program was used to help our homeless, jobless and to expedite COVID vaccinations. Imagine the dangers from this policy.

In 2022 border security will be the critical issue when we vote to fill open congressional seats.

John M. Moore

Eagle Point

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