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Letters, March 17

Give the governor credit

Buried in page 9 in the last paragraph of Monday’s paper in the article “County reports 21 new cases Sunday” is this interesting statistic: “Since it began, Oregon has reported 159,617 ... infections and 2,322 deaths, among the lowest per capita numbers in the nation.” (Emphasis mine.)

Why isn’t this front-page news? Gov. Brown’s policies have made a difference for Oregon. Why doesn’t the Mail Tribune give her the credit she’s due instead of printing the negative articles about her policies?

Rebecca Ostrom


Support traveling circus bill

Proposed House Bill 3008 is in the Oregon Legislature’s Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources. HB 3008 restricts traveling animal exhibits that use wild and exotic animals. This would address, on a statewide basis, the hell on wheels that is life for elephants and big cats in the traveling circuses that come through Jackson County.

There has been much misinformation shared about HB 3008. It doesn’t apply to livestock, horses or domestic animals. It includes exceptions for education programs through accredited universities such as 4H (an extension of the Oregon State University System). There was a similar countywide ban proposed on the use of elephants and other exotic animals for entertainment last year but the COVID-19 restrictions impeded signature gathering. HB 3008 provides protection for wild and exotic animals that is long overdue in Oregon. We are way behind the national trend to put an end to the physical and psychological suffering these types of animals endure in traveling shows. Contact your Oregon representative and the members of the Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources to voice your support and request the committee set a hearing so HB 3008 can have a fair chance so we can get this done.

Alissa M. Weaver


Helping fire victims

Extra generosity during COVID time: An especially well-organized member of our church has taken on the job of helping members help a fire victim of our church. I’ll call the organizer Betty, which is not her real name.

Betty found out from the fire victim what she needed for her new home, available in April. Betty listed all these items on email. We members choose which item(s) we want to give the fire lady. And, we let Betty know which they are so that the fire lady doesn’t wind up with four spatulas.

It’s such a good idea that I hope friends of other fire victims will be inspired to do likewise.

Carola Lacy


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