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Letters, March 22

Logic vs. emotions

In response to Brian James’s letter on Tuesday, March 9, voting with logic is important as is keeping emotions under control. His letter read more emotional than logical.

Words he chose to use in his letter such as: dictator and Kate’s Gestapo liberal Democrats are very emotionally charged words.

I disagree with him that Republicans should walk out again. It is not the only option they have. They can discuss with logic, and look at possible solutions with logic. Their walkout appears to be one based on emotion rather than logic. They were elected to represent all Oregonians whether the citizens voted for them or not. Their job is to be there, and work it out.

Diana Gilley


Commissioners wasting time

Jackson County commissioners spend more time acting like Republican talking heads on cable news rather than focusing on their responsibilities as elected public servants. Could it be their generous salaries of over $120,000 a year have them confused?

Meeting after meeting, Roberts, Dyer and Dotterer waste time trying to score political points against Gov. Brown and her COVID policies. While Jackson County staff have worked hard to share vital information about limiting the spread of the COVID infections and set up successful mass vaccination events, the three commissioners have dedicated their time and energy to complain about the state’s efforts to contain the virus.

Case in point is the recent public hearing on COVID restrictions organized by the commissioners. When they didn’t receive what they felt were enough negative comments, they extended the deadline for submitting comments. By the time they finalized a letter to send to the governor about this issue, the governor had already announced a loosening of restrictions due to declining infection rates.

It’s time for our commissioners to seriously work to get COVID infections under control here in Jackson County and support the governor’s efforts to protect our health.

Jeanne Chouard


What about resources?

I agree with Reade King’s guest opinion regarding the Hillcrest annexation problems. One more issue to apply to this is Climate Change. This too is a driving force for California “refugees” coming to Oregon in addition to wanting to leave urban congestion and other problems.

We have some healthy space here but do we have the water for these arrivals? We increasingly depend on the Big Butte Springs and Rogue River for water since our reservoirs are next empty. What is unanswered is our valley’s carrying capacity in this changing world? We need to know. And the calculation should include agriculture, wildlife and our forests as well as human needs if we want to retain a healthy economy and livable enjoyable space now and in the future.

Annie Drager


Greater Idaho

I’m wondering how Oregonians, especially those here in Southern Oregon and parts of Northern California, feel about the Greater Idaho issue.

Mary Lewis


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