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Sad to see

It is so sad to see the Republican Party become a party of “no.” Not a single GOP member of the House or Senate voted for the coronavirus relief and economic stimulus bill even though well over 70% of the public strongly supported it.

The GOP seems to think they can only win an election if they make voting as difficult as possible for minorities and people who find it hard to get to a poll. They support tax cuts but only for the rich. They oppose a minimum wage that you can live on. And they hate affordable health care.

What is wrong with these Republicans? Can’t they come up with meaningful ideas that will make America stronger and better?

We need to make voting easy and consistent throughout the states. Let us all support the For the People bill. We need to rebuild infrastructure, build an equitable health care system, create sensible and humane immigration reform and help stop climate change. These are not “socialist” ideas. This is what Americans desperately need.

Call on your GOP representatives to start saying yes instead of no. Legislation is not about power but what is best for the people.

Traute Moore


What’s one trillion?

For anyone else like me that might be challenged trying to comprehend the size/quantity of one trillion (especially if it’s dollars):

At $1 per second every day:

$60 per minute times 60 minutes equals $3,600 every hour times 24 hours per day equals $86,400 per day times 365 days equals $ 31,536,000 per year.

Thus it takes “only” 31.71 years to reach $1 trillion!

Then it takes another 31,700 years to “pay off” a trillion-dollar debt! I’ll let you calculate the total for $1.9 trillion.

It is my understanding that the U.S. Federal Reserve has almost 20,000 employees, which probably accounts for more economists per entity anywhere. They produce untold volumes of data and reports (some of which may be useful), many of which discuss in detail the disastrous effects upon the economies of countries or governments that print money to cover their debts.

My question: Why isn’t anyone in “our” government paying attention?

I’m afraid! Not just for me, but for our country’s kids and grandkids.

And a second question: Why are we still sending billions to countries that hate us and have vowed in writing to destroy us?

M. Isaak


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