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Letters, April 2

Stop Medford’s war on the houseless

I was disappointed in the recent Mail Tribune article entitled “City Council considers Greenway camping ban,” which stated that “Medford wants to prevent campfires during fire season.”

Is this what the Medford City Council is using to justify its ordinance that would criminalize the use of tents? Houseless people did not start the fires that happened last summer. It was a result of global climate change with hot temperatures continuing to rise.

I am disgusted by the council’s lack of humanity and empathy for our houseless community members. Not surprising because we also have a new mayor who is a former cop. The Medford City Council and police want to continue to criminalize our homeless population so that the police can get a bigger jail and spend more time and resources, further stigmatizing and adding criminal records to houseless individuals.

Homelessness is not a crime, nor does it make a person any less of a human being. This war on our houseless neighbors will only further violate their basic human rights. The Medford City Council should vote no on this harmful and inhumane ordinance.

Michael Surgeon


A smart man

Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” It’s time city and county leaders face reality and seek the help of a professional mental health expert!

How many times are taxpayers going to have to pay to clean up the heaps of garbage and needles along the Greenway? How many fires does it take?

When will our elected officials admit defeat and quit throwing taxpayer dollars at the problem? It wouldn’t be so bad if the homeless picked up after themselves, but most won’t! Why should they? They have “maid service” to clean up their mess! Once the pile gets so big they can’t stand it, they just move down the path a ways and start a new pile! Most Medford residents are afraid to go along that path, especially near dark!

It was a nice experiment, but it’s a failure due to lack of enforcement. Stop wasting taxpayer dollars with endless cleanups! What needs to be done is to tear out the path, rip up the ground, place boulders, barbed wire and just let it return to nature. Send the homeless somewhere else before Medford looks like Portland or Seattle.

Joe Alonzo