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Letters, April 5

Council’s naive ignorance

Those of us that survived the first 20 years of life periodically “house insecure” (cycle time of about 18 months) have a special understanding of living in hell. The majority of the Medford City Council, on April 1, demonstrated a naive ignorance of “house insecure” as they voted to approve a “criminalization of homelessness” measure.

This “issue” involves unique individuals in unique circumstances. Thousands of stories that are difficult, if not impossible, to summarize in a short enough span of time to convince or educate the uninitiated. Those of us familiar with “house insecurity” are continually frustrated with the inability of others to understand the true nature of this dehumanizing situation.

It has been a half century for me, but it seems like yesterday, and that is truly terrifying.

Robert I. Price


Total agreement

In response to Joe Alonzo’s letter of April 2, I am in total agreement. Where does our tax money go? School and bus service have been out for a year, senior citizen folks not having children in school should get a break; we paid our dues.

Last week I came across a “gentleman” sitting on the curb on Fourth Street near Central, thinking he was just resting, until he stood up and pulled up his pants. Had I not had a car behind me, I would have stopped and offered him one of my doggie poop bags I carry so that I can clean up after my dog as all citizens should do.

I suggest that our so-called elected officials get off their chairs, put on hazmat clothing and walk through areas by the freeway off-ramp near Barnett and the once beautiful area on Siskiyou Boulevard. Hey, if these folks want to live like this, let’s load them up and transport them to the desert area in Eastern Oregon.

L. Ellis


Support kids learning outside

Fellow Ashland citizens: Did you know that our city is currently in the process of reviewing our next biennial budget? This is happening now and they are asking for our input.

If you want to know what’s going on with spending in our town, tune in now. It’s always curious to see where money is being spent, and where it isn’t.

One area where money isn’t being spent is in educating our young people at North Mountain Park Nature Center. They usually serve about 2,000 students a year from around our valley, and funding this critical connection between youth and the natural world isn’t looking like it will make the cut. Really? Yep.

If you want to share your input, take the online survey or contact our city officials — specifically the Parks Commission if you want to advocate for outdoor education programming. Survey link: https://buff.ly/3uHiDMJ

Mary Ann Perry