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Letters, April 8

Letters to the editor are submitted by Mail Tribune readers, and do not reflect the opinions of the newspaper.

Greater Idaho opinion misleading

Regarding Mike McCarter’s guest opinion from April 4, I find it misleading at best and disingenuous at its core. I fail to see how lowering Southern Oregon’s minimum wage $5 an hour and adding a 6% sales tax will boost the economy and solve our housing crisis.

Lower taxes and less regulation? How about years of wage stagnation in what will be one of the highest cost-of-living areas in Idaho? On the bright side, the Medford City Council might actually have to abide by Martin v. Boise.

On something of a personal note, I will miss Oregon’s amazing craft beer and any beer above 7.5% abv.

Jimmy Breedlove


Two views of the Greenway

There seem to be two responses to the Medford Greenway Camping Ordinance.

Some feel that it puts a cruel burden on our homeless population. While a few of these folks do admit there is a problem, they offer no solutions other than the status quo.

In the other camp, we seem to have those who would like the Greenway to just “go away” and not trouble us anymore.

I wonder how many of these folks spend any time on the Greenway. I suspect some of them have gotten no closer than driving over it on Interstate 5. Some do not see its beauty and benefits, others ignore its problems.

I have been traveling the Greenway from Phoenix through downtown Medford three times a week throughout the year. I have seen the Greenway in all sorts of states over the past few years. There clearly has been an ongoing problem, which the city has been trying to manage as they can. I see the camping ordinance as another part of that effort.

The Greenway is a beautiful natural area. We should all have a stake in preserving it. I applaud the efforts of the city of Medford in working toward that goal.

Tom Pratum