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Letters, April 26

Please get the shot

I have lived in this valley for about 50 years now. It’s been my pleasure to know some real Oregonians in that time. Amazing people. Strong people. I didn’t get here from Salinas last month.

It may be I got the virus between shots, or am having a very pronounced reaction to vaccine. But I’m not dead! Have been very sick though. My wife could tell you. Call me a believer in the virus’s power.

Thom Wilkins was an old Medford friend, we called him Sheriff Thom, hard nut Army sergeant who really saw it all. Witnessed atomic blasts in Nevada, close up! I asked him once about combat heroes, why a man would race into certain danger. He said, “They lose their minds, Lars!”

Check yourself, folks. This virus is real, and you will surely pray hard when you get it, but those prayers may not be answered. Have you lost your mind?

A nice young woman told me she was sick a month and a half. Her eyes were fearful. Called it “brain fever.” The eyes of those who have had it are haunted at the thought of it. Please protect yourself, your family and community! Not a time for genius skeptics and their brilliant theories, time for us to pull together. Or where will it end? For Oregon.

Lars Svendsgaard


Satisfied customers

I write this as an impressed and gratified “customer” of regional county and State service providers whose attitudes, job performance and simple courtesies have been in marked contrast to similar and corresponding behaviors my wife and I had experienced in recent years in California,

We moved in February after more than 20 post-military retirement years of living near San Diego. We needed to get things done to qualify as residents. We also needed to get our second shot of the Moderna COVID vaccine.

We expected frustration and hassle. Instead, and thanks to the vaccine providers in Josephine County and the staffs at the Medford DEQ facility and the Ashland DMV office, we’re done and all of it was delivered efficiently, courteously and quickly. Particularly outstanding was Vikki at the Ashland DMV office.

We offer this in gratitude to all involved and as encouragement to others who might be daunted at the prospect of dealing with “Govmint Folks” to get necessary stuff done. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Mike and Donna Sullivan