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Letters, April 28

South interchange errors

Curmudgeon, probably. Cynic, maybe. Pragmatist, definitely. Given that, I offer my view as a long-term resident of the area.

Webletters Graphic.jpg

Since a stated goal of the south interchange project completed in 2009 was to alleviate traffic backing up onto the freeway and since the project was essentially green-field, there were at least three egregious and pretty darned obvious errors committed by planners: (1) Failure to maximize off ramp holding capacity. (2) Failure to incorporate two right-turn lanes onto Barnett (Note that there are two left-turn lanes from Barnett onto the interchange). (3) Failure to incorporate a right turn lane from southbound Highland onto Barnett.

Oh, and by the way, looking forward it makes no sense to build an overpass only vs. a full interchange as an extension to South Stage Road. An interchange with an extended Murphy Road would provide a direct shot to the medical facilities. At the very least, acquire the land necessary so the interchange can be built later.

Jim DeMont


Vaccination — hope

My first COVID-19 vaccination was on Wednesday at the Jackson County Fairgrounds. Everything about the process was impressive!

The online website was user-friendly, taking me less than five minutes to sign up for my appointment. Filling out the registration form online and printing it out to take with me also took me less than five minutes.

My experience at the Jackson County Fairgrounds was awesome. The signage was very clear. People guided me at strategic points and asked the routine questions in preparation. The actual injection was quick and efficient. My appointment was for 10 a.m. After waiting 15 minutes to be certain I had no reaction, I drove away from the fairgrounds; it was 10:10 a.m.

The operation was run by the military; every member of the military was courteous, friendly, and respectful.

My vaccination experience truly gave me hope. I feel as though I’ve taken the first step toward getting my normal life back. Seeing the young men and women serving their country filled me with pride.

Please do not hesitate to sign up by visiting JacksonCounty.org/GetVaccinated or calling 211. It is so worth it!

Sally Peterson


Is it better to be late than never?

In Europe, when corporations were invented, the purpose was to establish not-for-profit entities to build institutions, such as hospitals and universities, for the public good. By the 17th century, corporations became profit-making entities, so the CEOs fell under pressure to pollute the planet to increase profits rather than install expensive pollution control devices.

With the establishment of B corporations, we have turned full circle. These are committed not just to profits, but also to protecting the planet and serving the community.

Allbirds is a B corporation clothing company. They placed a full-page letter in the New York Times challenging other apparel industries to display their carbon footprint for products they make. Allbirds is giving their GHG calculation spreadsheets to these companies; an Earth Day gift. It’s called collaboration. It is about time! I expect some fast, comprehensive actions.

Earth Day has been trying to mobilize us for 50 years to nurture our planet. But a one-day love affair with the Earth is not enough. This precious planet needs our full-time attention.

We have several B corporations in the Rogue Valley; let’s urge more!

Louise D. Shawkat