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Letters, April 30

You just don’t get it, do you?

Previously when the governor moved us back into the extreme category, I was dismayed and frustrated. After Kate Brown’s April 27 decision to go back to extreme, I’m angry and fed up.

I’m fed up with the arrogant, ignorant, uncompassionate, narcissistic fools who got us into this. Yes, I’m speaking to you who refuse to do something as simple as wear a 4-inch by 4-inch cloth over your nose and mouth and won’t get a couple of pokes in your arm.

We were just seeing light at the end of the tunnel with businesses, bars and restaurants reopening and now they’ll be forced to close. Again! This time, some may close for good and you won’t be attending your favorite pub or grub. Those owners don’t deserve it but you do.

What size Louisville Slugger is needed to whack some sense into your heads? Huh? Why should the government need to tell you to wear a mask or get vaccinated? Your refusal to do both shows just how inhumane (I’m being polite) toward others you truly are.

The MT won’t print the adjectives that I use to describe you but use your imagination, that is, if you even have one.

Peter Anastos


We need goats

It’s good to see blackberries identified as the severe fire risk they are. Blackberries led the Almeda fire north along the Bear Creek Greenway into Talent and Phoenix. Clearly they were a greater fire hazard than nearby trees.

But burning blackberries — or, worse yet, applying toxic herbicides — is not the answer. Blackberries and other flammable invasives are delicious to goats and effectively controlled by herds of ravenous goats, as shown in this video.

Blackberries line our creeks in Lithia Park, other city parks, and private land throughout Ashland and Jackson County. There are numerous other noxious weeds goats will consume, grinding up the flowers so they can’t go to seed. Goats also enjoy dry, flammable, woody debris.

This website explains how goats can help prevent wildfires without unhealthy smoke levels filling the valley or toxic weedkillers leaching into our waterways.

Better than burning and more resilient than herbicides: goats.

Frances Dunham