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Letters, May 5

Who should we really blame?

I see that some business owners are blaming Gov. Kate Brown for the latest heavy restrictions on business, etc.

Remember? She warned us that cases were ramping up. Why don’t you blame those people who refuse to mask, and yap about “my rights,” “COVID is a hoax,” etc., and also have a distrust of vaccines. Do they think vaccines are more dangerous than death or serious symptoms that don’t go away months later? That the odds are in their favor? That it will just go away? The latest statistics just don’t favor their theories.

Business owners: blame those people who go to crowded places at home or in the community and breathe in other mask-free, vaccine-free people’s faces.

We folks who are masked and vaccinated want to spend money at your business, and we have tried hard to keep ourselves and others safe. We are the people who will bring the economy back. We just need many more folks to join our ranks. We want to party.

Sandra Baker


Not in the Moody

As a veteran teacher for Phoenix-Talent schools, a recent letter to the School Board has moved me to speak.

As the special election approaches with five School Board seats to fill, I’m compelled to weigh in on a candidate for position 7, zone 2: Zac Moody.

At the November 2020 board meeting, Zac and Melissa Moody submitted a letter into the record putting teachers in a negative light. They said we “are using this pandemic as an excuse to not work.” Signaling that teachers are lazy isn’t the way to make your point.

I’m always willing to listen to others until they attack, especially when directed at my hard-working, dedicated colleagues. I am deeply offended, especially knowing how all of our teachers have gone above and beyond all expectations to educate our students and maintain a healthy community for all.

I wouldn’t dream of voting for Zac Moody to represent education.

Heather Ayers-Flood


Thanks to donors

1st Phoenix Community Center’s Free Food Pantry thanks so many donors!

304 Ray’s Stuff the Truck donors: we’re down to the last of the precious strawberry jelly! Phoenix Food Project — we thrive on your generosity of spirit, goods and funds. Can and bottle donors: you’ve helped us raise $11,000 in the last four years, a nickel/dime at a time! We welcome folks in need to our free pantry and free clothing closet on Saturday mornings from 8-12. The closet is also open Wednesdays from 1-3 by appointment.

We thank all for supporting our residents in need through your need to share. Helpers Wanted: Saturday 8-12. First Presbyterian Church, Second Street and Church, Phoenix. Bring your family and neighbors! And to all you closet cleaner-outers: what incredible bounty! But we’ve had to rent storage space for off-season clothing: so we’re full.

What a great community! More info: 1stPhoenix.org

Karen Jones

1st Phoenix Board of Directors/Phoenix Food Project

A senior’s plea

Please get vaccinated as most of we seniors are vaccinated and are doing very well so there is nothing to fear from the vaccine. We are the most susceptible age group, so if the vaccine did harm, we would know it by now.

There is everything to gain from being vaccinated as we can go to restaurants, concerts, movies, plays and have parties and get back to living without masks. We will also help our local economy as jobs will return and businesses would prosper. Please help yourself and your friends and your families.

Char Hersh