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Letters, May 6

Ban selling and use of fireworks

No one can dispute what can happen when a fire gets out of control in Southern Oregon. Some businesses and families will never recover from the 2020 fires.

Jackson County is currently in a drought with reservoirs depleted and surrounding forests very dry. We need to prevent the sale of all fireworks this year and every year going forward.

No fireworks are allowed in Ashland, Jacksonville, Rogue River and Shady Cove, but Jackson County allows the sale of fireworks right outside the city limits. I spoke with one Jackson County commissioner about the sale of legal fireworks right outside cities that do not allow them. Her answer was, “What would my friend do who owns the fireworks stand?”

My answer to that is, county commissioners should be commissioners for the community, not just their friends. The commissioner’s remarks show the total disregard the county has for the support of fireworks laws within four cities, any hazardous areas within Medford plus woodland areas outside all the cities’ boundaries.

Jackson County commissioners need to step up and protect our community. Join me and contact your county commissioners and express your concerns.

Gary Hill

Central Point

It’s the public’s fault

Without a doubt the restaurant industry has been hit especially hard by this pandemic, and to no one’s surprise, its been very critical of restrictions that the governor’s office has placed on restaurant operations to control spread of the virus. And now, here we go again, just when it looked like we Oregonians had made it through the worst of the pandemic, we’re now in the middle of yet another surge of infections and hospitalizations.

It’s a tragic situation, especially since it was totally avoidable if more people had simply just worn masks and avoided large social events. It’s the public’s fault, not the governor’s, that restaurants are in this dire economic situation. It’s her job to ensure there’s room in hospitals for anyone who needs intensive medical care. Thus, restrictions. on individual behavior and businesses.

Rather than attacking the governor, the industry should have launched an all out media blitz a year ago, pleading for the public (their present and future customers ) to adhere to OHA and CDC recommendations for controlling the virus’ spread. It’s way past time for the restaurant industry to take a more proactive approach toward finding a way back to normalcy.

Bob Bessey


Stop complaining

The MT article on May 1 quoted the Southern Oregon Restaurant Group feeling targeted because Walmart and Dicks Clothing can stay open, yet restaurants were being closed.

Masks cannot be worn while eating. The virus can spread easily if you don’t wear a mask. Those refusing to wear masks in Jackson County were responsible for restaurants closing again. Stop complaining and wear a mask so we can stay open!

Judy Kerr

Gold Hill