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Letters, May 7

Respect those getting vaccinated

I was and continue to be shocked that anyone would protest people young or old who choose to receive a COVID vaccine.

Protests at a high school? Students heckled. Hate mail directed at the school board!

Does freedom of speech mean that any person is allowed to verbally attack our children? Does freedom of speech mean that any person can threaten “If my child is harmed in any way, I will exact cruel and inhuman revenge”?

Oregon law says that a child 15 or older can choose to have an immunization. Does this mean if your 15 or older child wants a vaccine and just because they think differently than you, that you can step on their rights?

I believe that vaccines are good. I have personal reasons. My brother had polio back in the ’40s, and still has the aftereffects. After the polio vaccine came to be, there have been zero polio infections since 1979. Polio has been eliminated in the U.S. Thank you, Dr. Salk.

I respect your right to not want the COVID vaccine or any other. I ask that you respect my and others’ right to want them.

Robin E. Brown


Vote for Campbell

I recently had a frank conversation with Michael Campbell, incumbent candidate for the Phoenix-Talent School Board.

I was pleased to learn that Campbell does not support the so-called “woke” education agenda that seems to be sweeping the country these days. Rather than promoting nonsense like “critical race theory,” Campbell stands for an education agenda that focuses on a more traditional instruction curriculum that prepares our students for life in the real world.

I strongly urge your consideration in casting your vote for Michael Campbell. Our students deserve a board member that puts them first.

Ted Krempa


Something stinks

Looking back at the Mail Tribune article “Field of unfulfilled dreams,” which is now buried in the archives, after Wes Howard’s passing the YMCA had an opportunity to develop Wes’s property, which would have included a baseball diamond, walking trails (not a sidewalk through the parking lot as is currently described by Medford Parks and Recreation) as well as other amenities that a natural park would entail in order to provide open park space for the underserved residents of far west Medford.

The cost would have been approximately $15 million. However, the YMCA was unable to finance the build.

Then, in steps the city of Medford’s current parks manager, stating Medford can do it for $15 million, though an annexation must occur first among other things (the bait), then fast forward on to the $60 million (switch) for the now planned aqua warehouse. Keep an eye out for the Site Plan and Architectural Committee’s meeting agenda as the committee welcomes all public comments. Something stinks and it ain’t the fish.

Bob Shand