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Letters, May 14


I’ve read many opinions on the different reasons so many job openings are going unfilled, and I agree it’s a combination of things. However, one I haven’t heard mentioned, which is certainly true in this valley, is that many of the openings are for part-time work.

Not only part-time, but a schedule that changes from week to week, and often having to be “on call” for emergencies. This precludes getting a second job and makes child care all but impossible.

Needless to say, there are no benefits with part-time work. Anyone serving you or running a cash register has probably come up against this.

Americans aren’t lazy. Their work ethic borders on pathological. But for too long, they’ve been working harder and getting less. The disparity in income is ridiculous.

Put some fairness into how you treat your employees and you’ll have your workers.

S. Thomson