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Letters, May 17

Hire Hanks permanently

Adam Hanks started working for the city of Ashland at the age of 19. He was the Code Enforcement officer for several years and knows every square inch of town.

He’s smart and gets along well with others. He’s excelled as interim city manager in one of the most challenging periods in the city’s history.

Why spend thousands of dollars searching for an outsider that doesn’t even know where Siskiyou Boulevard is? Many city managers tend to be mercenaries that are constantly climbing the ladder looking for the next shiny, more lucrative opportunity elsewhere. They tend to stay for a couple of years before bailing.

Why recruit someone from Baton Rouge or Bangor when you have a home-grown boy right here that is already doing an excellent job?

Pete Toogood


Gun bills gratifying

It was gratifying to see sensible gun-control bills passed out of the Oregon Legislature. And equally mortifying to see the Idaho Republican legislature pass bills that purposely nullify President Biden’s controls on mass-killing devices and unregistered guns. And the carnage goes on, more than 100 people a day this year die in gun violence.

Handguns are the problem, though, and there needs to be law on bearing them in public gatherings and venues, as the airline industry has done in the interest of collective safety on flights. There should be no concealed carry, no open carry, and no “stand your ground” laws unless you are defending your own home.

Just like guns were banned in Dodge City in the 1800s, so it should be for urban areas, including schools, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, city parks and even public streets in city limits.

Now this is not likely to happen in Republican-controlled Idaho, which is one reason I want nothing to do with “Greater Idaho” and their Big Lie delusion. I think we have reached the point where public safety and security outweigh the end-all and be-all of gun rights in America.

Robert Mengis