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Letters, May 18

Our curious culture

Fussy old folks (of which I am one) find evidence of cultural collapse in many areas. But how did all this begin? I may know.

Watch any middle-school or high school volleyball game. When a team loses a point, the losing team will gather and give one another low or high fives. Say what? You just lost a point. Why the happy congrats?


Hubert Smith


Guest opinion spread disinformation

I find it rather remarkable that on the same page where you warn about the problem of disinformation being spread by social media outlets your paper provided an opportunity for one of the most notorious websites spreading disinformation about vaccines (Children’s Health Defense) to spread their disinformation through your paper.

Note that none of Lynn Barton’s reasons had anything to do with the so-called passports: They were all supposed reasons why vaccines are not safe and should be avoided.

The most notorious of Barton’s misleading claims is that over 3,800 deaths were caused by the vaccine. The CDC has recently debunked this claim and has stated they found no evidence that vaccination contributed to patient deaths. All of the people who died probably had a glass of water sometime after their vaccine shot, yet no one is claiming the water killed them. It is just as ludicrous to claim the vaccine was the cause! Her other claims have all been similarly debunked.

Nor would the passport be a violation of anyone’s rights. No one is forcing Barton to get the vaccine. For me it is a badge of honor. All she has to do is continue to wear her mask.

Terry Ricketts

Eagle Point