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Online letters

Press freedom

On May 3, World Press Freedom Day, President Biden’s message from the White House to us said: “We recognize the integral role a free press plays in building prosperous, resilient and free societies. And we recommit to protecting and promoting free, independent and diverse media around the world.”

And VP Harris posted on social media that “free press is critical to democracy,” adding the U.S. remains committed to “protecting and promoting a free and independent press everywhere.”

Beautiful and valid sentiments, but I gagged in disbelief. How can they say this when our very own government doesn’t extend freedom of the press to Americans, much less — and this is really bizarre — someone from Australia?

Our government blatantly and hypocritically seeks to jail whistleblowers who tell us the truth. Meanwhile liars like Clapper are rewarded. Go figure. Governments have tried to hide their misdeeds since time immemorial and make examples of truth tellers to instill fear and ignorance in their citizenry.

Our Bill of Rights is being mocked before our eyes and both parties do it. Freedom of the press means you don’t go to jail for telling the truth. It means you are not murdered for telling the truth.

Lee Lull


Larry, Moe or Curly

An outfit from Florida called Cyber Ninjas, with no election experience, is doing another ballot count in Arizona.

Several independent counts have confirmed Biden as president, but they forgot the conspiracy factor. The people inside have to sign a nondisclosure agreement, so even if they see something illegal, they can’t report it. Now, they are checking the paper in the ballots to see if it contains bamboo. One supervisor said “40,000 ballots were flown in from Asia and stuffed in the boxes to give Biden the edge.”

Doug Logan, CEO and founder of Cyber Ninjas, said he isn’t sure which one of his executives will present their findings to the public, but it will either be Larry, Moe or Curly.

R.F. Keple