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Letters, May 21

Bentz and the Jan. 6 commission

On Wednesday, Congressman Cliff Bentz joined several dozen other GOP representatives to vote to form a special 9/11-like commission to investigate and report back to the American people on the events of Jan. 6, 2021 at the Capitol.

The next day, I wrote to Bentz to thank him. I was surprised to see the way he voted, especially after the GOP leadership had leaned on members to oppose the commission’s formation. (The Senate leaders are working still to make sure it does not happen).

Bentz’s loyalty to Trump has disgusted me. The commission is important to show the world the extent to which Trump, the GOP, white nationalists and racists, QAnon and other whackadoodles were involved in the attempt to overturn the results of last November’s election (essentially to overthrow the government) on Jan. 6.

I don’t believe this one vote redeems the congressman in any way, but it was one good and right decision. Perhaps there is hope for him, though I doubt it. My sense is that his will be a one-term show.

John Enders


EDITOR’S NOTE: Because of an editing error, the following letter ran Thursday with the wrong name. Here it is again with the correct name.

New city manager needed

Ashland’s temporary City Manager Adam Hanks should not be made permanent manager.

Voters made clear that they want change. Hanks is a career Ashland employee who does not have the education and real life experiences with managing other cities to give insight to different perspectives.

Money spent to recruit a highly qualified and experienced city manager can save Ashland millions in the future.

There are those on the council who seem to be wedded to current operations. They do not seem bothered by high taxes and fees put upon residents.

In contrast most of the new councilors and the mayor seem to want Ashland to get its expenses and staffing in line with other cities. They want Ashland to be a diverse community with all income levels (as it has been historically).

Because of these different perspectives, councilors will always be pulling in different directions and challenging each other’s ideas — which is healthy in order to approach reality and obtain the best ideas — and to hold individual councilors accountable to voters. Unanimous council votes are not desired.

With Ashland’s new structure which gives the city manager greater powers, it is crucial that Ashland hires a new city manager promptly.

Sue Wilson