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Letters, May 23

Bravo to last week’s vaccine opinion

I understand some favor vaccine “passports” because they fear being infected by the unvaccinated. With respect I would like to correct a common misconception. Logic dictates that if these injections do provide protection from SARS-CoV-2 infection, the vaccinated would have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated. If they do not protect you, demanding everyone else take the jab would still not make anyone safe.

Many people fear what they consider a risky experimental medical procedure more than they fear COVID and we resent the threats to our rights for “noncompliance.” We are not a threat to you and such fears are misplaced. As such, our concerns deserve the same considerations as yours.

If you have or intend to take these shots I wish you well but please do not demand I follow suit. Show me the same respect I offer you and remember to be grateful that you and I live in a nation where a person (still) has the right to choose. I hope you truly understand how precious that is.

My body, my choice.

Francine Lowenberg


Fund Native Plant Program

The bad news is: The governor and the Legislature continue to ignore their statutory obligation to conserve Oregon’s wildflowers and native plants. For the past 10 years they have failed to adequately fund the Oregon Native Plant Conservation Program.

In addition to the National Endangered Species Act, 46 states have comparable state endangered species laws. The Oregon Endangered Species Act of 1987 mandated that the Oregon Department of Agriculture be responsible for threatened and endangered plant species.

The good news is: As a volunteer with the Native Plant Society of Oregon I have found our government in Salem to be incredibly responsive and helpful. The Oregon Legislature’s website is amazing for tracking bills, getting committee meeting dates and agendas, submitting testimony, etc.

I am delighted at how easy it is for a citizen to get the facts and become an active participant in Oregon’s legislative process. And, every single email I sent to various departments and offices asking for help and information was answered promptly and courteously. Another reason to be proud to be an Oregonian.

If you care, find out for yourself. Ask your legislators why they’re not following the law and supporting the Oregon Native Plant Conservation Program.

Dave Garcia