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Letters, May 25

Disgruntled Oregonians

Each time I read that Mike McCarter and his followers in rural Oregon have more in common with the pro-Trump, anti-tax conservatives in Idaho and want to claim it as their state it makes me more grateful that I chose to live in Oregon and not in Idaho.

Where to live is a choice, and there is a practical solution for those disgruntled citizens who would go to the extreme of making various Oregon counties part of Idaho. Instead of trying to make Oregon smaller and Idaho larger, which is unlikely, why not simply move to Idaho? You may not like paying a sales tax, and some of your followers may not be happy with a minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, but you would certainly find more like-minded politicians and political allies.

Personally, I like the idea of a two-party system even though my vote doesn’t always win. I don’t support Cliff Bentz, but I don’t believe Jackson County should be annexed into California.

Dave Greenhalgh


Drought vs. illegal cannabis grows

Fortunately steps are finally being taken to effectively enforce regulations re cannabis cultivation, most especially since it is an exceptionally thirsty crop. There are other reasons, however, beyond the current drought.

Homeowners’ wells are threatened by excessive and unauthorized use of groundwater, drought or not.

Illegal grows pull excessive unpermitted water from creeks and streams, threatening permitted downstream use, as well as fish populations.

They do not pay taxes that support our roads, legal structure, health and safety measures and schools, to name just a few.

The transient population that appears for harvest is known to create social and legal issues such as theft, shoplifting and other antisocial behavior.

Finally, they decrease property values for homeowners within reach of the stench produced at bloom, plus concerns about the illegally camping harvesters.

Relative to the above, I do have a question — why has it taken so long for law enforcement to decide to step up their efforts in an effective way, drought or not?

Finally, may we all keep fire danger and drought conditions in our plans going forward. Let’s don’t just leave it up to the pot cops.

Kathleen Heritage


Automation vs. humans

If anyone is curious as to how inflated wages will affect businesses, take a look at the Walmart. How many actual human checkers do you see? How many self checkout stands?

Think about this and think what Christmas will be like to shop there. Then think about the small shops and fast-food restaurants barely making ends meet as it is. Just saying.

P. Moran