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Letters, June 1

Vaccine resistance

Some people are hesitant to be vaccinated because of the “risk” involved.

I wonder if they know that they risk getting hepatitis from eating shellfish? Or norovirus from drinking water? Or salmonella from onions? Or E. coli from sprouts? Or cyclospora from fresh produce?

Why then do these people eat and drink? Because of trust. They trust the food producers. They trust the meat packers. They trust their grocers They even trust the FDA.

So maybe they need to apply this same amount of trust to the coronavirus vaccine.

Jerry Kenefick


Won’t be getting vaccine

This is in response to D. Prideaux’s letter to the editor stating that unvaccinated people should be thanking all the vaccinated people for bringing us out of zombie land.

We have an adult son with permanent health conditions and development disabilities caused by a vaccine that was deemed “safe” from the medical communities and the government. I will not believe vaccines are safe after that happened and will not be getting any vaccines for anything.

So thank you to all of you getting vaccinated for COVID and for you all who believe that this is a safe vaccine. Maybe in the future we will be in zombie land again because maybe turning into a zombie will be one of the long-term permanent side effects of this vaccine.

Roseque Meyers


Fire alert updates, please

Many of those who experienced the Almeda wildfire are looking at the calendar and are extremely concerned about the upcoming fire season. ODF has already announced the early start of the season, extreme drought conditions have been announced and we are already rationing water.

Based on the above, Rogue Valley citizens from Ashland to Eagle Point are asking what the Jackson County commissioners are doing to improve the county emergency notification system. We know they hired Innovative Emergency Management to review what happened on Sept. 8, 2020 and make recommendations.

We would all feel better if the county would periodically update us on the progress of their efforts. We have a right to know. In the absence of any factual updates, people just get more scared. Talk to us!

Susan Scorso