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Letters, June 2

An Oregon champion

Oregonians will forever owe Gov. Kate Brown an enormous debt of gratitude for her courage in handling the coronavirus pandemic.

Truth beats conspiracy when crafting public policy. To date, Oregon has suffered 62 deaths per 100,000 population. That’s the fifth lowest mortality rate in the nation.

Despite torrents of misguided, often politically motivated abuse, Brown put lives first.

It could have been so much worse. We’re a coastal state and among the first reached by the pandemic. Brown held the line.

Governors who failed to take heed of Italy and New York City, and promoted unmasked irrational behavior, inflicted terrible losses. Per 100,000 residents, Arizona has lost 241, Florida 170, Louisiana 227 and Mississippi 245 people.

These are horrific death rates double to nearly quadruple what we have suffered.

As of May 26, 2,268 Oregonians died of COVID-19. Deaths could have topped 10,000.

Thanks, Kate.

Alberto Enriquez


Jan. 6 commission

Isn’t it odd in our democracy (or should I say former democracy?) to be likening our USA minority Senate to the actions of Belarus dictator Lukashenko? Apparently, leader McConnell will do anything to curry favor with Lukashenko (whoops, I mean our former President 45) to keep him in perpetual power.

Back in January many Republicans wanted a full investigation into the Jan. 6 insurrection, the worst violent attack on our Capitol since the Civil War, which we all witnessed. Then, even Mitch McConnell said a full investigation should go forward, since all their lives and especially the vice president’s, had been directly threatened. Now the Senate Republican leadership has completely backpedaled and refuses to join the proposed bipartisan 9/11-type commission to find out what happened and how to prevent further violent attacks on our national Capitol.

A complete whitewash? It didn’t happen? Do we have a Lukashenko/ 45 authoritarian type “leader” holding craven politicians in his grip?

I do thank Rep. Cliff Bentz, for his vote to support this commission. It really matters for our democracy to have some elected officials with enough integrity and spine in our deeply divided times to go against their wrong-headed political leadership.

Bonnie Johnson


Changing racism, our hot planet

My conscience is bothering me. One son tells me that the only thing to turn racism around is for a critical mass of white men and women to put their lives at risk by standing between peaceful protestors and the police. It’s because the police will think, “Hey, they are white, just like me, so I don’t want to hurt them.”

Although I’ve been to jail twice for peaceful protests, at 98 I don’t want to do it anymore. But, at least I can share my son’s belief, hoping that some of you will act on it.

And, another thing. What am I willing to give up now to help ensure that future generations will inherit a liveable earth? Something to think about and do, before we burn up our planet.

Carola Lacy