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Letters, June 3

Female valedictorians

Every year the Mail Tribune recognizes scholarship excellence in our local schools with a class valedictorian report, complete with photo and a short bio on the various young people achieving the honor of being selected as class valedictorian, the person in the graduating class considered the most accomplished.

In following this excellent series for several years (since at least 2010) I was struck by the unalterable fact that during at least the past 11 years the post of class valedictorian has been awarded to females approximately 75% of the time! This is an anomaly that calls out stridently for investigation. Are females actually more intelligent than males?

Though many women have entered the political arena they presently constitute approximately but 25% of House and Senate seats. Perhaps we might eliminate graft, and some of the poor decisions presently emanating from those two bodies and be better served by a 50% division in our two legislative bodies.

One thing is certain, the women, if elected, could certainly do no worse than the corrupt incompetents they would replace.

Bob Warren


It’s about drought, not fish

In response to Rep. Cliff Bentz’s catastrophic drought and Klamath Basin newsletter:

All of Southern Oregon is experiencing drought. TID Water in Jackson County is due to be cut off early this year as well as in other parts of Southern Oregon. The fight against climate change and the allocation of irrigation water in Klamath County is not “about fish” as stated by Congressman Bentz. It is about attempting to slow and eventually halt our regional drought which is currently devastating.

It rained 12 inches in a single day last week in a region outside of Houston, Texas, in what is now often the case in parts of the Southern U.S. It resulted in flooding roads, the closing of schools and businesses causing economic hardships (these rainstorms are not hurricane associated). Yet we are experiencing a severe drought in all of Southern Oregon.

Our actions should be to assist all aspects of defeating climate change for the good of all citizens and future generations, not just ranchers attempting to grow hay in the desert. My own trees, grapevines and gardens will have to suffer this year as well as yours.

Sincerely hopeful for cautious water use,

Denise Tschann