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Letters, June 6

Jackson Country resolution

Jackson County commissioners passed a resolution opposing “the mandate” for mask wearing, social distancing, lockdown and other measures created to protect the residents of the county. Here we go with the lack of compassion, empathy and understanding that getting COVID-19 is far worse than having to wear a mask, social distance, and avoid large gatherings.

Their resolution states:

“WHEREAS, science has shown over the last year that the virus which causes COVID-19 is overwhelmingly survivable;” (emphasis added).

Let’s ignore that over 550,000 people have died from this disease in less than 18 months. Let’s ignore the fact that 11,823 citizens of Jackson County became ill with COVID-19 and 145 have died. This is out of a population of 223,240. Yes, 145 is not a big number, but say that to the families of the 145 people.

What are the commissioners doing to facilitate vaccinations? Are they putting a campaign together?

No, they are passing resolutions opposing mandates! And by the way, in their resolution they have a note that says:

Due to the existing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the need to promote physical distancing, the Jackson County Board of Commissioners is conducting meetings through electronic and telephonic means.

Bill Harris


Sitting on their hands

With another severe drought upon us, now would be a perfect time for the city of Medford to remove the abandoned sewer pipe blocking fish passage on Bear Creek at the Fourth Street bridge. And while they are at it, remove the concrete confabulation blocking the flow of water at the Jackson Street Bridge.

The past and current leadership of Medford have and continue to sit on their hands with regards to the ongoing damage occurring to the waters and fish of Bear Creek. Though you will see city leadership’s hands appear most willingly when it comes time to grasp those golden shovels at the start of the $60 million-plus aquatic facility to provide thousands of gallons of chlorinated water for Medford’s tourists. Our city’s lifeblood is water and not the flow of money into their coffers.

Some may say this is an apples-to-oranges comparison, though a full cornucopia contains many fruits and veggies. Adding a raspberry: an article by Damian Mann of the Mail Tribune omitted the $750,000 “incentive grant” offered to Lithia in addition to the “straight across trade” of properties with Lithia Motors and the city of Medford.

Bob Shand


George Mason University bias

Readers should know that the policy research emanating from economics and legal departments and institutes centered at George Mason University (Tracy C. Miller, “(T)ax hikes futile” opinion piece June 1) are highly influenced and funded by the Kochs and other libertarian oligarchs whose three-legged project consists of no or low taxes, miniscule or no regulation of business and creating a constitutional regime that mirror’s Pinochet’s governance of Chile.

The Kochs have promoted and funded this kind of think tank “scholarship” for over 30 years, hiding behind neutral or deceptive names (e.g. “Center for the Study of Neo-Liberalism,” a name I’ve just invented as an example). George Mason is the primary academic petri dish for launching and promoting their ideals, which amount to unfettered freedom for them and serfdom for the rest of us.

To learn more, see “Democracy in Chains” by Nancy MacLean.

Fred Krasner