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Letters, June 7

Almeda aftermath questions

We shall be anxiously awaiting the independent review of the devastating Almeda fire last September.

Along with what was done right and wrong by county officials, we are really hoping that the original cause(s) of the fires is (are) revealed. There is much speculation because we have not heard the definitive answers.

Was it arson, carelessness, an accident? We need specifics to prevent fires in the future.

Also there is much fire debris that continues to mar many areas of Talent and Phoenix, especially seen from Highway 99. Even after these eight months, there are still some business sites that have never been cleaned up.

With free services available to remove the wreckage, isn’t it about time that these cities or Jackson County start fining for properties still littered with fire debris? Where’s our pride in cleaning up the environment to usher in a new era of fire-resistant and visually appealing city structures again?

April Rosenthal


Support Healthy Homes bill

Over half of Oregon homes were built before 1978. Many are drafty and damp, allowing summer smoke and air pollution in and mold to spread. Many of these homes can be unsafe and in need of simple repairs, yet some families living in them may not have the resources to make much-needed changes.

House Bill 2842, the Healthy Homes bill, is in our state Legislature. If passed it will establish a fund that communities can match to support the upgrading of Oregon’s existing homes, which in turn will also provide many local, good-paying jobs.

As workers weatherize older homes and make simple repairs, electricity bills for heating and cooling will be lower, and homes will become free of mold and mildew. Children with asthma will have fewer sick days and emergency room visits. Even older homes will be a refuge for families when air quality is poor and wildfire smoke is thick.

Oregon can be an even better place to live. Support our quality of life by contacting your legislators and weigh in on the Healthy Homes Bill.

Diane Ware