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Letters, June 14

Passing bills to cut our bills

All of us Oregonians can feel the effects of climate change. In Southern Oregon, we have witnessed devastating fires that ripped through many beloved public spaces, businesses, and neighborhoods.

When natural and human-influenced disasters occur, we can be left without power. As more people move to Oregon, the state’s demand for energy increases.

This year, three bills have been presented to state legislators that address energy burdens for Oregonians, and one of them has already passed! HB 2021 is getting Oregon to be 100% dependent on renewable energy sources by 2040. On the way, HB 2475 can lower the electricity cost for low-income citizens, and HB 2842 will provide energy-efficient upgrades to family homes that need them.

If you want your children and grandchildren to have more choices and live in healthier spaces, please call your state representatives and tell them about your support of these bills.

Alec Perrone

Rogue River

Sounds like the Democrats

This was in the Mail Tribune on June 9 by Keith Ridler, writing about Idaho Republican lawmakers. “It (Idaho) would be a place where they can outlaw all abortions (liberals like them), dictate what is taught in schools, have complete say over public health rules and gun laws, and take control of federal public lands which make up more than 60% of the state.”

It sounds like what the socialist Democrats have and have done to America.

Ray Novosad

Eagle Point

A convincing argument

Regarding the guest opinion of June 10, Jimmy MacLeod, president of Rogue Advocates, makes a very convincing argument to not build the Grand Terrace apartments. It would cause additional traffic congestion and that would result in safety issues.

The area north of South Valley View Road adjacent to Jackson Wellsprings would be a better location, but getting into town on a bike from the northern part of town is more arduous and dangerous due to auto traffic.

Southeastern Ashland would be a much better location. Siskiyou Boulevard is mostly flat with a great bike lane.

Bob Rawlings