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Letters, June 15

Beats a ventilator

What a waste of life: People are refusing the vaccine and still dying of COVID-19.

Everybody wants life in Jackson County to return to normal, but many of those who clamor the loudest are the very ones preventing it from happening. We need 65 percent of county residents vaccinated to fully reopen and the vaccines are available, but we’re only at about 50 percent. Many have been misled by anti-vaxxers promoting fear and ignorance.

Some claim the vaccines are nanoparticles that enable Bill Gates and/or the government to track you and control your mind. Not true — they track you through your iPhone. Toss the phone, don your tinfoil hat and get your shot; it will infuriate the trackers.

Some claim vaccines violate the Nuremberg Code. Not true — they’ve been saving lives for many years. Yes, they poke you in the arm, but it’s not a Nazi experiment.

Do yourselves a favor and get medical information from your provider or from reputable websites such as Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic rather than social media. Then do yourselves and the county a big favor and get your shot. It’s safe, it’s effective and it sure beats a ventilator.

Michael Steely


The consequence of refusing vaccine

As of June 12 the vaccination rate in Jackson County was 43.9%, with less than half of all eligible persons having gotten at least one dose of the COVID vaccine. This means that, despite all of the warnings and incentives given to entice people to get vaccinated, over half of the population has either failed to get the vaccine or decided they are never going get it.

Our vaccine clinics are shutting down for lack of participation, while developing countries all of the world are clamoring for vaccines. This is ludicrous. So to everyone who refuses to get vaccinated I say this:

My solution would be to give everyone in this country until Aug. 1 to get vaccinated. After that date, every available vaccine will be sent to other countries, every hospital and health care facility can refuse to accept any patient who did not get vaccinated, and every insurance company can refuse to cover any treatment that is needed.

If you don’t think you have an obligation to protect others by getting vaccinated, then no one has an obligation to care for you when you get sick.

Ken Hawes

Eagle Point