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Letters, June 16

Steel, blacktop and grass

Referring to the front page photo of the MT May 25, showing Wes Howard Memorial Park: Steel, blacktop and grass.

Hotter temperatures? Let’s build using lots of steel.

Let’s build a blacktop parking lot. This will help keep everyone warm all year round, including summer.

Grass all around. Are we in a drought? Shouldn’t the city of Medford plant water-wise plants?

Perfectly boring, equally spaced trees to complement a boring design.

I wonder if Wes Howard would be pleased to have his name attached to this facility.

Robin E. Brown


A better way?

I can see why many Eastern Oregonians feel marginalized by decisions made in our cities. Ray Novosad’s letter to the editor on June 14 could have accomplished more had he not used the tiresome epithet of “socialist Democrat,” or inserted the comment regarding abortions, “liberals like them.”

Broad, sweeping generalizations tend to create animosity, hindering beneficial dialogue between parties. Suppose I said something like, “conservatives like assault weapons and don’t mind a few children getting killed by them for their cause,” or, “conservatives would rather dig up every last drop of oil and chop down every tree than believe in climate change.”

See what I mean? Maybe it’s time to figure out a better way to communicate with each other.

L.J. Zinkand


Your disease

Vaccines work. As a result, the new COVID cases are among the vaccine-hesitant. What makes it particularly bad is that among unvaccinated people infection rates are as high or higher than before due to the new more contagious variants.

So if you are not vaccinated and you think you are going to skate free because rates are going down, it ain’t so, not for you. Its your disease now, and this virus is never going completely away. It will hunt you down for the rest of your unvaccinated life.

If it were just you getting sick, I don’t care. Your choice, your body, your problem. But when you go down you’re likely to take some other unvaccinated person with you. A friend or relative, some immune-compromised person, or worse still, some young child, maybe your child.

If you think I’m just trying to make you feel guilty, you’re dead-on right, so go do what’s right, right now. Get vaccinated!

Steve Bull