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Letters, June 22

Susan Estrich’s column

Susan Estrich forgot to mention that critical race theory also insists that you can’t study mathematics without taking race into account, probably because its notion that students shouldn’t be asked to come up with a correct answer would undermine her contention that CRT is the product of “scholarly writing from a diverse and varied group of academics”.

In fact, critical race theory is nothing but disguised “new and improved” Marxism ginned up by second-rate minds without a halfpenny’s difference between them, except perhaps for their race and gender, which mean nothing to those who can think for themselves.

There are any number of Black intellectuals who can do a much better job of putting CRT into “perspective” for you. You should start looking them up, and I’ll give you a hint: they don’t include Leonard Pitts.

Jim Tribbey


New standards for graduates

Why are we bothering to spend millions and millions of dollars on our schools and teachers when Oregon no longer requires any student to be able to read, write or add?

It’s unbelievable. These teachers and legislators should be beyond embarrassed to even admit they are associated with Oregon.

Who is going to hire any Oregon graduate? What college will admit one?

Oh, yes, they will be admitted to college because they (the colleges) have also lowered their standards and no longer require SAT scores. But heaven help the companies that hire these idiots and expect their companies to thrive with people unable to read, write or add. A very sad statement on the condition of Oregon education.

P. Moran