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Letters, June 24

Was it a lie?

The letter of June 23 from Kate Thomas, RN, in Jacksonville, calling Dr. Fauci a liar is a gross misrepresentation of the facts.

At the beginning of the pandemic, little was known about this new disease. The World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control, realizing there was a critical shortage of personal protective equipment for health care workers, advised the general public not to wear masks. Dr. Fauci followed suit. It is well documented that hospital staff across this country were begging for adequate supplies of PPE.

As health officials learned more about this disease, the manner in which to treat and protect the public changed. We were encouraged to social distance and wear masks. We know how well that was received by many in the public.

But to think Dr. Fauci, and by association the WHO and CDC, deliberately lied to the U.S. public is, I believe, the actual lie.

Mary Lewis


Electro-sensitivity is real

Electro-sensitivity is a condition in which a person feels sick from sources such as Wi-Fi, cellphones, towers, etc. It is nearly impossible to escape these contaminants, and as someone with this condition, I feel deprived of the same basic freedoms that others take for granted.

Going to a restaurant, the movie theater or simply a downtown area are problematic because of all the Wi-Fi routers and all the people using cellphones in these places. Peanut allergies, chemical sensitivities and other debilitating reactions from foreign sources are generally understood, but this is a new and inconvenient disability. Can you imagine coping with the restrictions caused by these ubiquitous sources of RF (microwave) radiation?

Amazingly, COVID did me a favor with outdoor dining and distancing requirements. My symptoms include but are not limited to insomnia, headaches, ringing in my ears, joint pain and heart arrythmia. A California appeals court has recently recognized electro sensitivity as a disability requiring an accommodation under California law. I and many others hope that civic leaders will do something to help people like us and educate the public on the health risks associated with wireless devices. Americansforresponsibletech.org

Kelly Marcotulli