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Oppose Stone-Manning as BLM director

As a former employee of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), I am writing to oppose the nomination of Tracy Stone-Manning as BLM Director. Ms. Stone-Manning’s involvement in an Earth First tree-spiking action in the 1980s, together with her misleading accounts of that episode, make her totally unqualified to serve as BLM director, or in any leadership position at the Interior Department. Tree spiking is not a legitimate form of environmental protest. It has one aim: to threaten death or major injury to loggers and federal employees.

Webletters Graphic.jpg

For the record, my opposition does not involve politics. I am largely supportive of the Biden administration’s pro-environmental agenda, including aggressive action on global heating, which is consistent with Ms. Stone-Manning’s professional work with Montana’s Department of Environmental Quality and more recently the National Wildlife Federation. But BLM staff receive enough death threats already, without fearing injury at the hand of their director.

Robert Winthrop


The GOP conundrum

GOP once stood for Grand Old Party! Really, you fooled me! Where do I begin? Many Rs have supported a fraudulent election, the Jan. 6 insurrection, the failure to allow a report from most Rs in Congress to form a nonpartisan commission investigating an attack on their chamber, voter suppression in the majority of states, not standing up to radical congressional constituents, etc.

This is the party that did not have a platform last November, has ignored malpractices/untruths, has had many of its leaders indicted, some imprisoned, and others pardoned. This is all being done for the fealty to one narcissist ex-president, who favors personal grievances over the country’s best interest. The U.S. at one time was governed by compassion and compromise under a functional two-party system, but now we choose what tribe to join. The GOP is off the rails and without it functioning as a moral compass of reason, our American experience may never be the same. What has become of the party of Reagan and law and order? If you’re a decent Republican, it’s time for you to step forward to salvage our democracy! In closing, isn’t it refreshing to have civility return to the White House?

Bob Miller


Enjoying the tour?

How are y’all enjoying the “George Floyd Apology Tour?”

Black personalities have taken over TV guest shots and gigs as actors in commercials. Lots of bi-racial couples have also appeared on television. Tulsa had barely faded and Juneteenth was upon the nation — also ubiquitous and unavoidable.

Why do I mention this? Because it seems to be part and parcel of decisions by white “deciders” wholly convinced they can scatter bright shiny objects in front of credulous folks of all races and, somehow, manage to paper over dead Black youths, dozens of vicious minority attacks on conservative Jews and Asians (they are easy prey), and a generalized and very deep dysfunction in contemporary minority “culture.”

Hubert Smith