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Letters, July 2

Letters to the Editor, Aug. 26

Editor’s note: Letters to the editor are submitted by Mail Tribune readers, and do not reflect the opinions of the newspaper.

Don’t add fuel to the fire

We are a tinderbox here in the Rogue Valley — one of many in horrific drought and extreme heat. Why are fireworks being sold here? Instead of posting editorials asking people to be careful, and putting up signs warning that they are “prohibited” in a “wildfire zone” we are doing nothing to actually try to prevent another devastating fire in our area.

Our commissioners should have banned the sale of fireworks county wide.

Every county in the PNW should do the same.

Did we learn nothing last September?

I am so frustrated and disappointed and my heart breaks for all the people who lost everything in the last fires. They are living with varying degrees of PTSD and we are burdening them with more anxiety and literally adding fuel to the fire!

Wake up!

Kellie Christensen Gustafson



17 people died from fireworks last year in our country.

14,542 were murdered with guns.

23,854 committed suicide with guns

In short, over 38,000 people died from guns versus 17 from fireworks.

I wonder if there are any conclusions one could derive from such numbers?

I am opposed to fireworks in the county, since I know that they have often started fires, sometimes huge outbreaks. If everyone used common sense, the danger might be minimal. But we set off these things on the same night we party and drink and lose some of our good sense. As for the numbers I used above, you might find slight variations from year to year, but in general these numbers will hold up year after year. Perhaps we need to restrict the sale of fireworks. And perhaps we might do the same for guns.

Gerald Murphy


Celebrate without fireworks

This week fireworks were banned in Portland, Bend, Mt. Shasta and Yreka. Fireworks are also banned in Ashland, Shady Cove and Talent. For now fireworks are not banned in Jackson County but they are in a number of cities. I guess it is every city for themselves as far as the Jackson County Commissioners are concerned. It doesn’t appear there is an appropriate amount of coordination between the Commissioners and the cities in Jackson County. I am disappointed that Commissioners who make well more than $100k are making poor decisions which could harm people and property.

Our Commissioners must have poor memories because last year fires swept through Ashland, Phoenix, and Talent and between Shady Cove, Butte Falls and Eagle Point. Everyone in the Rogue Valley was affected.

Many people lost their homes and businesses were destroyed. Many people are still recovering.

Jackson County is having extreme heat and fire danger is very high. A fireworks ban would also help relieve the strain on police, fire fighters and other agencies during very dry conditions. Tell your Commissioners to put an immediate ban on all Jackson County fireworks. It is not too late! Let’s celebrate the 4th of July without fireworks!

Gary Hill

Central Point

Fireworks irresponsible

Given our experience with last year’s devastating fires, it seems maybe a bit short-sighted and irresponsible for officials to have not already banned all fireworks throughout the rest of the dry season.

Just sayin’.

Joe Lee