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Letters, July 8

Can’t ignore racism

A letter very critical of Susan Estrich’s June 13 MT column was printed on June 22. The letter writer clearly dislikes critical race theory (CRT) and Leonard Pitts.

In childhood I remember watching movies in which Native Americans were routinely labeled “savages”. Much later I learned of the savagery of racist white Americans murdering and forcing homelessness on many Native Americans.

In high school I was taught that the slaves were freed following the Civil War, after which everything was fine. Years later I learned that the Ku Klux Klan, a terrorist organization, was responsible for the murders of thousands of African Americans.

Very recently we all learned about the genocidal mass murder of 300 African Americans by white racists in 1921 Tulsa; full knowledge of this atrocity was suppressed for almost a century.

There is much to admire in our nation, but the ugliness of racism can’t be ignored. We claim to be democratic, but racist conduct is incompatible with true democracy. CRT promotes honesty in teaching. Problems are not addressed by pretending they don’t exist.

“History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, however, if faced with courage, need not be lived again.” Maya Angelou

Victor Mlotok


Earth to Leonard Pitts

Leonard Pitts’ perpetual state of indignation is exhausting — always the dark side of the moon.

And so, did Mr. “Sharp logic’s” “critical thinking” lead him to disingenuousness? On June 23, he wrote:

“The filibuster is a vital safeguard, yes. So was the crow’s nest on Titanic. But once the ship plowed into that iceberg, its importance was sharply diminished and other priorities emerged.”

Let’s rephrase:

The filibuster is a vital safeguard. We used it multiple times during the Trump administration. And it came in handy last year when we blocked Sen. Tim Scott’s police reform legislation. But now it’s reached its shelf life.

Earlier he wrote:

“… the other side wants to keep voters from voting and protesters from protesting.”

Voters? Does he have any specifics as to how this is so? Voter ID? Voting on time? Why does he infantilize some as incapable of following the rules that everyone shall follow?

Protesters? Protest away! “The other side” wants to keep protesters from rampage, from mayhem, torching, maiming, looting, and destroying; from searing the souls of victims.

Leonard should take a breath and write a cheerful, uplifting column.

William Carpenter


Thanks to Zarosinsky

This is a big, sincere thank you to Medford Councilman Mike Zarosinski, who knows how government can and should handle citizen concerns.

Both times I have talked with him, he was accessible, cordial and very positive about Medford and its city staff. I called him with my personal hopes for improvements to the Eastwood Cemetery, as well as a Main Street crosswalk suggestion. (I am on the Cemetery Commission but am speaking now only as a Medford citizen.)

He listened and then explained how he could help. He didn’t say that he would do more than what he felt could be accomplished but that he would get back with the results. Both of us think Medford is a great place to live, but he is doing the hard work of making it just that. Add to this, our council members do not receive salaries! Kudos!

Meg Klinkow Hartmann