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Letters, July 9

Blue Heron garden is back

The Sept. 8, 2020, Almeda wildfire swept through the Blue Heron Community Garden in Phoenix, leaving just charred fencing and burnt rubble. But because of generous donations from local businesses, organizations and individuals, we were able to rise from the ashes.

We express our grateful thanks to: Home Depot’s marketing manager Drew Brewton; students of Phoenix High School; Jackson County Master Gardener’s Grant Committee; OSU Extension Center; Matias Mendez, Phoenix public works superintendent; Eagle Point Community Garden, Pollinator Project of the Rogue Valley; 1st Phoenix Community Center; our own community gardeners; and the many area residents who made anonymous donations.

We are so fortunate to be the recipients of so much generosity. If you are ever in the park, please do stop by the garden and see what a community working together can accomplish.

Sandy Wine


Charles Murray

If Dale Engle, in his letter June 27, didn’t deliberately misrepresent Charles Murray and his work, then I have to conclude that he is either a careless reader or, more likely, has never actually read Murray at all. It is Engle’s writing that is full of “tropes,” not Murray’s or Michael Barone’s.

I refer your readers to Glenn Loury’s recent interview with Murray, which can be easily found on YouTube. It’s rather long, but worth watching, particularly if one prefers to listen to ethical, careful people who actually know what they are talking about.

Jim Tribbey