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Letters, July 13

Development an eyesore

Who was involved in the plans for the car wash and oil change facility that looks like the beginning of a circus venue that is being constructed near the corner of Table Rock and Biddle Road?

Wasn’t anyone paying attention to the architecture and esthetics of the structure? What were they thinking? It’s a joke and definitely cheapens the area!

We live in Central Point East subdivision and are definitely not alone in our disgust over this visual eyesore being allowed as part of the city’s plan. A city should take pride in approving the design as well as color and layout of a structure that is in such a predominant area of the city. It’s so disheartening to see such a blatant lack of concern for something that will be a part of our city for years and decades to come.

Why, if they wanted to do such a large car wash and oil change, could it not have been modeled after the new car wash recently completed next to the Goodwill in White City? Maybe they can spray paint it or plant a lot of trees, sigh ... info@centralpointoregon.gov

L. Borum

Central Point

Bipartisanship needed

In Jeff Golden’s recent guest opinion, he stated, “we won’t accomplish much headway solving Oregon’s problems until we dramatically reduce the power of big money in Salem.”

He understandably lamented his disappointment (and I suspect he also had considerable frustration) when his campaign finance bill failed to pass in our state Legislature (in spite of his party’s very significant majority — a conservative’s bill would likely have had even less chance).

I fully agree campaign finance reform would be helpful, but at least a modicum of bipartisanship might be even more helpful. For too many years, it seems to have been sorely lacking in our state, as well as nationally.

R. W. Bergstrom Jr.


Overpriced building

After a 30-minute search, I found the newest renderings of Medford’s overpriced and over-taxed steel building which can be found by typing in: CDArchitects > homepage > institutional > rogue credit union sports and events complex medford. What does city leadership do with an ugly low-slung “Aquawarehouse”? Add more non-sustainable steel, of course. I hope the city leadership got a good deal on what appears to be leftover border wall fencing (my opinion). The renderings also appear to use non architectural/aesthetic cinder blocks to fill in the walls, of which the outside is clad in yet more metal.

Finally it also appears the events building is not a “Clear span” but more of a less expensive “modular” style with interior support posts. Maybe city leadership can get a good deal on some used mattresses for padding the posts to prevent injury to basket/pickleball players who may go wide or deep to save a play. After all, it’s only the taxpayers’ fat, ie: money.

Bob Shand


Well-written news article

Kudos to Allayana Darrow for a well-written, factual news article on the replacement of the Ashland city attorney.

Robert Arago