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Letters, July 15

Humane Society says thanks

Because of generous grants from local foundations, the Southern Oregon Humane Society now has two new commercial washer/dryer sets installed in our laundry area. The SoHumane staff and volunteers would like to express our grateful thanks to the Carpenter Foundation and the Carrico Family Foundation for this investment in our facility.

As you might imagine, we go through a great deal of dirty laundry. Every dog kennel and cat condo is cleaned daily. Dirty or wet bedding is removed and replaced with clean, dry bedding to help keep the animals comfortable. Veterinary care and surgical procedures create even more soiled laundry.

This investment in commercial machines has almost doubled our capacity and reduced the time needed to process and clean our laundry. We feel very fortunate to be the recipient of this much generosity from our Southern Oregon community.

Karen Evans, executive director, Southern Oregon Humane Society


A thirst for bikes

“I’ve got a bike, you can ride it if you like.

It’s got a basket, a bell that rings

And things to make it look good.” (Pink Floyd)

COVID created a thirst for bikes, a year with time to tinker with broken bicycles, to buy one, to bike and explore Ashland’s neighborhoods.

I don’t like the car as the king of our streets. Ashland is a town of short trips. Streets are overlooked, aren’t enhancing life, they’re for parking and moving stuff. They used to be for play, to be a destination stop.

How many people in Ashland have given up biking due to unsafe streets? Are you one? Streets should be multimodal and safe for all abilities.

Let’s reimagine our town with safer streets and crosswalks, places to be, to savor: remember the Plaza as a destination stop last summer? Ashland as a town that can have less air pollution, fewer asthmatic children, designated bike lanes, fewer auto and bike injuries.

Safe biking burns calories, builds strength, improves balance, moves those joints, is low-impact and environmentally friendly. Let’s redesign the streets as multimodal for everyone and not as conduits for more congestion.

Louise D. Shawkat