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Letters, July 20

Water resource concerns

Of all the current topics in our community, the one that needs the most attention is our water. I live near a TID canal and observe its erratic flow. It was a shock to see it suddenly turned off during the recent record heat wave and today, just a few weeks later, the front page announced that it’s being shut off again for an undetermined time.

Why hasn’t directing funds towards refilling our reservoirs or tapping into the ever-flowing Rogue River been taken seriously? After the traumatic fire devastation that happened last year, why hasn’t water availability been a priority?

Water can be transported to our reservoirs in several ways. Since we’ve known about this supposed drought for so long, why hasn’t there been a solution to supply our towns with direly needed irrigation water?

Technology is available to re-hydrate our lands. Moving water in from abundant areas will activate the hydrological cycle, bringing in more rain.

I can only hope (and persist in asking) that our city and county decision makers work on this issue now and realize how much power we have to keep our local farms in business and lands safe from fires.

Eleyah Knight


Tree trimming, Ashland style

How would you feel if your barber said he’d give you a trim, then cut off all but a couple of tufts from the top of your head? That’s how my condo-mates and I feel today after what the city’s tree trimmers did to a row of gorgeous 40-foot maples at the front of our property.

We were told ahead that trimming would happen, but not that a trim meant chopping off nearly all the greenery on those formerly beautiful trees! Yes, there was a power line issue that had to be addressed, but by taking off so much, though the trim team may have saved themselves some time in future, they did it at the expense of the beauty, shade and value that those graceful trees could provide.

Sadly, there’s no way to stop them once the city’s barber is at your door. So if Ashland decides to give you “a trim,” you have been warned. Find out their plan well in advance of the day they’re due to show up with their noisy, costly apparatus and their “experts” who may quickly obliterate the greenery you love.

Susan Williams