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Letters, July 28

Russian roulette

Not being vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus is like playing Russian roulette with a revolver with all the chambers loaded.

Frank Hieber


Measure climate change

In response to Michael Steely, July 22: I have friends who see climate change everywhere. The weather we see leads to a delusion if actual measurements are contrary.

We see weather. Scientists measure climate change. Big difference.

Among measurements is a large increase in atmospheric CO2, a degree of warming making a large change in the Arctic and less cold in temperate zones. All the scare about fires, floods, storms and sea level does not stand up under valid measurement.

No one has determined the best level of atmospheric CO2 for worldwide benefit. We do see greening as plants are better nourished.

No one has determined the best average world temperature. A little warming surely benefits Canada and Russia, maybe without much harm elsewhere.

It seems risky to spend trillions on a problem when no benefit is assured.

Among valid sources is Steve Koonin’s book, “Usettled.”

Ira Edwards


Invest in wild steelhead

I’m 78 years old and have fished for Oregon wild steelhead for decades. Over the years I have fished the Rogue River many times. Every time, I come I hire a guide, obtain lodging, buy food and gas and purchase a license. Over the decades I have spent over $35,000 in your local economy. If you account for friends, you have over $100,000 in the economy of Oregon.

The reason I go to Oregon? California doesn’t really have wild steelhead anymore. Clearcutting, bad fish management, bad water management mean the legendary wild steelhead runs that I remember no longer exist. California’s greed and stupidity destroyed this amazing resource.

Any conscious fisherman can live without killing a wild steelhead. There are enough hatchery fish out there to fill a dinner plate. It would be nice to think that my five granddaughters will have the opportunity to actually catch and release a wild steelhead. I would much prefer bringing them to Oregon rather than B.C. or Alaska.

Keep the wild steelhead population strong and you will keep me and my family traveling to Oregon. Kill them or flood the rivers with hatchery fish, and my money and I will invest elsewhere.

Stephen Kyle

Sonoma, California