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Letters, Aug. 1

Rights with responsibilities

With rights come responsibilities. Words said to me more than once by my mother. The COVID-19 issue is not about safety but about people’s health and/or death.

Every person in America has the right to refuse the COVID-19 vaccine. What Americans do not have is the right to put fellow Americans in harm’s way by spreading a deadly virus and its variants among the populace.

No vaccine is 100% effective. Most vaccines are 90% to 95% effective.

If refusing the vaccine, the responsible things to do are wear a mask, practice social distancing, stay at home or go to the hospital if ill, have a persistent cough or fever or other COVID-19 symptoms. The responsible things to do for one’s own heath, and the communitiy’s health, is get vaccinated unless other health issues prevent that from happening.

Be responsible, quit helping the virus spread and mutate into other more deadly variants for which there may not be a vaccine found to stop the virus from killing billions of people rather than the millions it has already killed.

I do not like wearing a mask. I am vaccinated, yet wear a mask when shopping as a precaution.

Randall Hale


Not a patriotic duty

A recent letter writer appealed to our sense of patriotism to get vaccinated.

Patriotism got my friends sent to Vietnam. Too many did not make it back. Patriotism and fear of a mushroom cloud got us to invade Iraq. Not data, not intelligence, not evidence — propaganda.

Patriotism has no place in the medical ethical principle of informed consent regarding SARS-CoV-2 vaccines. Co-morbidities might be a good reason; not patriotism.

Now it’s scapegoating, blaming, scolding, shaming, withholding services, no education, no work, unless you are vaccinated. Some say “better you should die.” As a Jew I see terrifying similarities to Germany, 1933. History may not repeat, but it’s rhyming. As an average American I see the ministries of fear, propaganda and censorship in full battle gear waging a war on truth, honesty and civility, straight out of Orwell, 1984.

Good, decent people are being manipulated, warped in frightening ways.

SARS-CoV-2 will eventually burn itself out and become a nuisance, with or without a vaccine. In the aftermath, this country will have to look itself in the mirror and ask — Gott im Himmel, what have we done?

We are being ripped apart. It didn’t and doesn’t have to be this way.

Michael Framson


COVID vaccinations

As the vaccine debate rages on, one factor has not been emphasized enough: the ability of the virus to mutate to more aggressive and contagious forms.

Mutations are more likely and numerous when there are more viral particles circulating in the community. That’s biology, and sooner or later, if we don’t diminish the number of cases, we will see an even more lethal and/or contagious virus which will supersede the delta variant and lead to another outbreak, perhaps even more serious.

The answer is maddeningly simple. Everyone who is physically able should get vaccinated and follow the CDC guidelines. Please, this is not a political issue, it is not right or left. It is a pro life choice.

e must defeat this virus. Together, we can. Vermont has 80% of its population vaccinated and they are living a normal life. Let’s all work together to make Oregon the next state to return to normal.

Chrystine Kelly Van Zee