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Letters, Aug. 4

Climate change

As you grind your way through the 100-and-up temperatures, check out time and date for Medford’s weather: https://www.timeanddate.com/weather/usa/medford/historic. Between June and July 2021, we had a total of 12 days of 90 and up and 13 days of 100 andup. That totals 25 blistering days of the past 61.

A person might just say, “Well, weather changes.” Might be, and we shrug our shoulders. However, do we want to risk that this is not the new normal, just a blip on the radar? Do we say it’s non-negotiable to live without fossil fuels? Or, could perhaps we in the U.S. equitably contribute more towards climate remediation? If we had a more community-based (socialistic not communistic, there’s a difference) society, could we have fair income for all while saving the planet?

Let’s not come to the point when we accept that the Earth will have endless excessive heat, flood, tornadoes and hurricanes, that we believe current and future generations might be doomed. Let’s never accept it, not suffer and slowly die rather than do the right thing.

Do reduce fossil fuel use. Demand action of all government. Tax those richer corporations and individuals who could help finance solutions. Help us all live.

Thomas Hartmann


Viruses 2, humans 1

The virus has changed as it was predicted it would. The virus has found a way to spread despite our best efforts. Now it is so contagious that even those who are immunized can still carry the virus without symptoms, bringing it to new victims who have not been immunized. So even though I am not worried about winding up in the ICU, I must still wear a mask to protect the unimmunized.

One hundred fifty million people immunized with no serious problems. Immunizations are saving lives and keeping people out of the hospital. Now of people hospitalized for Covid, 99% are not immunized. If that doesn’t convince the unimmunized that immunizations are safe and effective, then I have a bridge to sell them cheap.

Don’t let your body become a virus factory. Give your body the info it needs to defend against these viruses. Get a vaccine, it is safe, it is easy, it doesn’t hurt. And wear a mask. You may think that unvaxxed adults get what they deserve, but we still have a bunch of little kids at risk. Let’s use our brains and finish this.

Mary Ellen Gordian, retired M.D.


Turn off the fountains

During this time of severe drought, the city of Medford needs to turn off its fountains. Yes, I know the water is recirculated, but the water loss during this extreme heat due to evaporation is significant.

David Walker